Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here is the much awaited excerpt from my truck brochure. This is half of a page layout for the Chevy Silverado. This is my photography with my copy attached. I would buy this truck based on this brochure!
Isn't it fun to show people great things through design?

Truck brochure

This is the cover for my truck brochure. This brochure is filled with my photography and my creativity. Two of my passions combined.
This is just the beginning of a great brochure.
Stay tuned for excerpts of the rest of the project.

Bemidji Recruiting Poster

This poster was created in a small group to
advertise the Design Technology program
at Bemidji State University. Our main target group was of course high school juniors and seniors looking at their future.
Wouldn't you notice this poster hanging amongst other recruiting posters? So would I!

Magazine Ad

Here is a sample for another
We were given a picture of a
Winnebago and a picture of
the outdoors and we needed to
merge the two together to make
an ad.
I enjoyed coming up with a fun
tag line and copy to fit the target
Design is GREAT!


Here is a sample created for a class.
The project was to create a set of billboards
that would work in the area and out of the
area to draw people to the local casino.
My partner and I had a great time putting
these billboards together.

Here is sample number 2 of my work for
my current company. This was created as a
poster and an invitation for a company picnic.
It was sent out to all employees in the company.

Safety Poster

Here is a sample of work that I did for my
current company. I have had the opportunity
to create several posters during my current
position. I LOVE working in design. I hope to
be able to design for a living because it doesn't
feel like work to me.