Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American Eagle Jeans

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One of each? Or two?

American Eagle... Yes PLEASE

I will admit that I have several items from American Eagle that I have had for YEARS... winter coat.

A teal and blue plaid hooded bundle of wool goodness... which is dry clean only and I spilled ketchup on this weekend. Thankfully not the carpet in my truck but come on!

My FAVORITE pair of jeans. I have purchased this pair again on ebay because they don't sell it again. As I am wearing both of those pairs out (holes galore) I need to find me another pair (and the money to buy them!)

Three more of my semi favorite pairs of jeans. Yes out of 20-30+ pairs of jeans I own about 4-5 pairs of AE jeans. I don't think I own more than 2 of any other brand.

A tshirt that I thrifted, a bracelet and a sweatshirt that I was gifted round out my AE love items that have survived YEARS!

Next item needed.... these boots.... santa... are you listening??? Reading???


               Neeeddddd boots!
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Lands End Really?

I don't consider myself to be a Land's End kind of girl...

but I might reconsider for this...

Buy Here on Sale!!!!

What do you think? Are you a Land's End fan? Would you wear this?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Old Navy Coat

I really want to try this Old Navy jacket!
More Info Here

I swear it used to come in yellow and they don't have that listed anymore. BUMMER!

I LOVE hooded jackets.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY Sneak Peek

I wore this jacket like this... and not many times more so I thought it was time for a DIY with it. Stay tuned for pictures!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Talbots Shopping

Several months ago, I won a rather significant gift card via a giveaway on Fashion Therapist's blog.
If you aren't familiar with her, you should go check out her site. She is one fashionable lady.

When I won the gift card, I was pregnant so I wasn't able to properly spend the money. I did scratch my shopping itch mid pregnancy by ordering two items from a super clearance section of the Talbots website.

I purchased a button down shirt and a terry dress. Both of these items were pretty basic but they filled a need in my closet (really they scratched the shopping itch. I have yet to wear them, although I have yet to return to most of my weardrobe post pregnancy. The fit is almost there, but I don't want to wreck anything.)

Last weekend, I decided it was time to look into spending my gift card. I looked up the nearest store and headed there with my husband and little girl. (Her FIRST trip to the mall... WAHOO!!!)

After wandering the store to get back into the shopping swing, I took a few items into the dressing room. I must admit, nothing was fitting the way I wanted it to. After a little bit more wandering, I took a few more items into the dressing room.

I selected two sweaters with my money.
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Click here to purchase
Both sweaters are SUPER comfortable and I can't wait to have a reason to wear them out.

There was also a belt and a sequin tank that were in the running.
More info

More Info

I could have sworn this belt came in black... maybe? And OH the LOVE for this tank top... I WANTED this BAD.

I was interested in seeing more of their purses and boots. I was disappointed with what was on hand in the store. I may have gone the boot route if they had them in store to try on.

I had my eye on a skirt... oh the bling... but I knew I had no place to wear it. 
More Info
Thanks for the gift card Talbots and Fashion Therapist!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trying Trends and Throwing Them Out

This is where I have been lately.  Meet my little girl.
Does anyone else have a problem with skinny jeans?
Let me elaborate. Does anyone else have a problem with skinny jeans on THEM!

 image borrowed and I don't know the source (Please let me know if this is yours)

  image borrowed and I don't know the source (Please let me know if this is yours)

I love to see the trend on all the cute little girls. Ok, not even the little girls. Mostly on the girls that aren't top heavy. Being an apple shape with most of my weight is in my lovely ladies on the top half, I have found that I am not able to make skinny jeans work for me in a way that I am happy with. I have tried them with heels, flats, tucked into boots, and many other ways. I just don't think they do anything for me. (I think this is the reason I struggle with leggings as well.)

I feel massive amounts of frustration in this as I would LOVE to be able to find a way to pull off this trend. I just don't see it happening. I have decided to sell my worn once? twice? Seven 4 All Mankind distressed skinny jeans. I will be posting them in my closet shop soon.

I will be trying to work more outfits with STRAIGHT jeans. I think that is as close as I can work with. I hope to make straight jeans work as I would like to add a pair of boots to my closet soon. (This is a big deal to me as I am a BOOTCUT girl. I think most if not all of my jeans are bootcuts.)

Lately, I am enjoying feeling and looking at my clothes, but I refuse to wear most of my good stuff. I don't want to get spit up and poo on them. (Newborn in the house.) I don't want to stretch them out trying to breastfeed. I just can't imagine dirtying some of the items in my closet. I am hoping that I grow out of this at some point. Or I will not be wearing my clothes that I LOVE very often for the next like 5-7 months. UH OH! That means like 12 months of hibernation for some of my favorite pieces.
Why does this happen? I feel that the reason is this fashion that goes in and out so quickly. By the time I buy a piece and wear it long enough to realize that I LOVE said piece and would like to purchase another of the same item as a backup/spare piece it is already not for sale. That is sad because a lot of the pieces that I wear are pretty basic. I mean I have some stand out items (I hope to get a post on them and one on MY basics soon.) but most of my pieces aren't THAT expensive. I don't own any designer pieces but I LOVE the pieces that I have.

At times like these, I am glad that I don't do extreme purges of my closet as I can wear some of the items that I consider throw away pieces. Pieces that although nice and wearable, I don't LOVE so if I wreck them I am not going to shed tears.

At the same time, I am trying to go through my house/closet and purge some of the items that I don't love/need/want. I hate that I spend so much of my time putting things back in their places or trying to find places for items. I would like to be able to do a basic clean up and be done. That makes me wish that I had a minimal approach to my closet and life. NOT SO!

Can't win for trying right?

I so want to try this!!!

image via distinctly desiree

I LOVE this girls style.

I hope you don't mind that I am using your image and linking but I must say you inspire me.

P.S. This is one of those skinny jeans rockers!!! GRR!!!

Denim Shirts

Is anyone else NOT feeling the denim shirt trend? Maybe it is just that I don't love the boring blue wash that most of them are in? I am not sure, but I am just not digging them.