Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hate or Heart?

Do you HATE or HEART............


What are your feelings on Wayfarers?

I must say that I HATE more than HEART them.. I don't think anyone looks cute in them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wardrobe Changes

So it is supposed to be.... drumroll.... almost 50 degrees in the next week!

I am excited to pull out some cuffed jeans... and to dress my baby in lighter clothes.

What Mom? I don't HAVE to wear long sleeves and long pants and layers alll my life? I thought that was part of this!

I mean my baby was born in October. She only knows bundling up.

 I can't WAIT to introduce her to grass and sun and warmth outside... in cute clothes!!

I have learned a lot about my clothing and minimalizing through being a mom.

I hope to talk more about that so stay tuned... and note I did NOT say minimalism. I am not there. I am just working my way through too much stuff, too many things, and too many interruptions to the life that I would rather lead.