Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aldo Shoes

Sorry for so many shoe posts today!

Shoe Lust Boot Lust

It must be shoe day today!

Click on the picture to go to the page to purchase these for me! I also like studded heels!

Shoe Basic with Slight Lust

I have been trying to build most closet with great basics and FUN pieces. Not the so so items I have been known to purchase. They are fun to add and wear but I want pieces I can wear more often to create my STYLE!

I think these would be a great shoe basic.

Shoes Lust

One of these in each color PLEASE!!!!!!! PLEASE! These are a hot shoe for work and for everything else as well. I think I could throw out half of my shoe wardrobe with a few of these in it!

These are a fun shoe!These would make another great addition to my shoe wardrobe. All of these shoes are on sale at

Friday, October 30, 2009

Missing you guys - Out Ill

Ok guys. This hasn't gone so well. I JUST started my new job, I have been there less than a month and I am out ill. I have missed 2.5 days of work with the flu and the garbage that goes along with it. I hate missing time at my brand new job! I feel like such a loser but with everything that is going around I don't want to be the person to a: pass it on b: never get over it. I am trying to get rid of this but it looks as though it is going to be a boring halloween. No fun costumes for the party I was invited to. How boring.

I do have some outfit posts to share with you guys when I get well enough to post them. Come back soon to see what I have been wearing and the fun new items I found at the outlet mall.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Dressing down

This is actually a dress that I really wanted to wear for the first time but I just wasn't happy with my outfit before I left so I made it into a shirt.

Lumpy tucking. Stupid layering shirt.

Love the neckline.

Dress- via Marshall's
Black Tee - Mossimo via Target
Black Cords - ?
Black Boots - via DSW

THANK YOU CLOSET CLEANING for reminding me of the goods you store. I will be showing some of the items that my closet redo unearth. The suede blazer from the previous post was one of the items. Never before worn but hanging out for a while.

Thought I would share my Halloween pumpkin.

I spray painted him.

Hi, my name is Jenna and I am a spray paintaholic! I love to spray paint EVERYTHING!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts on Fashion

My thoughts on fashion lately are this. I LOVE what my fellow bloggers and fashion forward people wear. I love seeing all the fun and creative things that they do with their clothing on a daily basis. I love that people find such fun items thrifting or shopping their closet and they remix the ways they wear said items.

On the downside, I am not sure these things are for me. Not that they don't look fine on me and not that I haven't gained a lot of stylish ideas that I will be continuing with in the future, but I am having trouble using the fun fashion files that I keep as inspiration and turning them into something that I love on ME!

This isn't a body issue post. This is a style issue post. I have said before that I want to give off a certain vibe about me. After going through my recent layoff from my past job, a few months of unemployment, and a new hiring at a vastly different company, I have been going spending more and more time thinking about the me that I want other to see.

Sure I want people to think that I am stylish. I want them to think that I am fun and creative. At the same time, I want them to think that I am sleek, professional, minimal, and chic. To me that means someone who doesn't have a lot of extra hanging here and there. No boho chic and not too much feminine girlie. I want people to see that I am a strong person. Portraying this person that I have an image of in my head is very important to me right now.

As much as I long to try all the fun things that my bloggers do on a daily basis, I need to figure out how to make some of these things work in this image.

That morning, I pulled out a chic, comfortable, pulled together dress. On it's own it would have been great. It would have fit said parameters for being me. Instead of wearing the dress alone, I needed to make it a warmer version for our 40-50 degree weather lately (or 30's even. ICK!) I pulled out a brand new pair of leggings, (Super cute on me... but...) layered a long sleeve shirt under the dress, and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

I could hardly eat my breakfast. My thoughts about what I was wearing were eating at me. Sure I looked cute and I would have been happy to post the outfit for my fashion friends to see (and should have) but I wasn't who I wanted the people at my new job to see me as. The outfit didn't fit the me I want to be in my new job. The outfit would fit someone else IN my same job just fine but I couldn't wrap my mind around it being me for the day.

I instead layered the long sleeve tee under my dress, added my black skinny cords, and tucked the dress in as a shirt. The pants brought the outfit into the tough enough but creative enough realm that I was happy with.

I spent a large part of my day wondering why I couldn't be happy with the initial (cute) outfit. I think it is for the same reason that I wasn't happy with this recent outfit.

It was cute but not the me that I want people to see. Not the image I want to portray. Not the person I want to be. (Granted she IS a cute person. I may have thoughts about the grass being greener on the other side for a day, and I may rant about the size of my tummy, but overall I am happy to have the body I have.)

This is not a moan that I don't look cute or a cry for sympathy that I can't fit into certain clothes. Although I have those days too. This is an in depth look at why I don't wear the cute items I buy. A discussion with myself about who I want to be in life. A concentration on what makes me me and the person I want people to see me as.

Why do I have to feel the pull to try all these cute things when it doesn't fit with what I am working to create?

Passionate Fashion - Introducing My Suede Blazer

Ah, Casual Friday, how I love thee! Denim. I love DENIM!

I wore this outfit on Friday as you can tell by the denim. Denim and a button down is a common Friday outfit for me. Add a blazer. This time velvet. And you have a Friday office outfit.

Two male coworkers commented that they liked my boots. It is too funny how many people compliment me on these boots. I swear I get at least one compliment every other time I wear them out. Complete strangers off the street compliment me on them!

Thanks for the thrifted blazer Mom!

Yes I wear the leather jacket daily. What can I say, I love it and I am not sure it will be warm enough for a Minnesota winter so I am getting all the use I can out of it now!

Black velvet blazer - thrifted gift from Mom
Black button down- Foxcroft via Nordstrom's
Green Tank - Old Navy
White Tanklet - Victoria Secret
Jeans- Seven for All Mankind Dojos
Boots - BCBGirls
Earrings - DIY
Necklace - Target

Sorry for the gnarly pictures. I tried to cheat when I corrected the color. ICK! And I have a bad cold. Hence the face. (shiver!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ode to a Curvy Girls

I asked for help with inspiring curvy girls. One of the suggestions (Thanks Kristen @ Low Fat Dressing!) was Sara Ramirez. Sara plays Callie Torrez on Grey's Anatomy.

Sara is definitely a curvy girl to model your fashion after.

Another suggestion was Kim Kardashian. I do like Kim but I really don't have the issue that she does. She has junk in the truck. I DO NOT! She has a great waist. I do not. I will remain jealous of this girl, but she is an inspiring curvy girl!

More suggestions included Hayden Panettiere, Tina Fey, and Megan Fox.

Kate Winslet would be another lady to add to the list. Especially in the Titanic days.

I guess along those lines I would think of Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft Tomb Raider era.

A few of these girls carry less meat on their bones than I would consider a CURVY girl in the sense of refering to myself. (Not that they aren't curvy just not a meataliciously curvy.) They are still inspiring none the less.

In searching for these ladies, I ran across all of them but a few on this blog post about hot body headlines. Too funny.

Any more ladies you can think of? Maybe a few more meatalicious curvy girls?

Wanting what you don't have

The battle always rages. The skinny girl wants curves to fill out her clothing better. The curvy girl would like to be able to wear a low cut... or NOT low cut shirt without it looking overtly sexy.

The heavy set girl thinks that EVERYTHING looks good on a skinny girl. The boyish shaped girl thinks that everything looks better on a body with some meat on it.

I know there are days where I would love to trade in my body for one that doesn't show cleavage without even trying. I would love to dress without worrying about that. Something that is low cut on my bodacious boobage would look modest and prim on someone not sporting DD or DDD's.

Images via Fashion Bananas (BEAUTIFUL GIRL! ) and Victoria Secret.
While cute on them, these would be indecent on me!

Most days I embrace the curves and dress them to their best. It makes it easier when I know that my husband digs them but, (sigh) fashion is not made for those of us with a large bust line. Models on the runway don't even have bug bites to cover!

It is nice to see shows like Mad Men embrace the curvier figure. Are there any shows that you can think of that are in a modern setting that embrace a curvier girl?

What curvy girls do you like from TV? Movies? Fashion? I need some inspiration please!

Passionate Fashion - Wrapped up in warmth

Still sick. That again means that my outfit is decided on work appropriateness and comfort in equal bouts. No teetering on 5 inch heels when you are off balance as it is. No restrictive clothes when you have to worry about your nose running or your throat hurting. That doesn't mean that you have to look scrubby. Although if that is what works for you and you are able to I am jealous. I picked this sweater for its warmth and comfort and becuase I feel feminine in it. Pinstripe dress pants were a natural choice for a business outfit. Shoes... a pair of doc martins. A hold over of my college days that come in handy when I am not in the mood for heels.

Sweater- made by mom
Pants -Maurices
Necklace - gift from mom
White T - Mossimo via Target

Friday, October 16, 2009

Clarification/Warning on the SHOES!

Readers, I think I should note that the shoes in the below post ROCK! They are amazingly comfy for how "scary" they look. (Even Jess says so. She rocked them in my kitchen for 10 minutes.) The platform makes them pretty easy to walk in... on solid ground. Let me tell you. My choice in jobs can sure interfere with my shoes.

I wore these shoes to walk across the rocky parking lot and to take pictures in the grassy field.
THAT did not work out as well. The picture taking is why the bottom of the heel is muddy. I was sinking 2 or 3 inches into the grass. That sure does make it hard to balance.

I even had a spare pair of shoes so that I didn't have to wear these for this type of activity but when the boss says go on your first week you go!

Passionate Fashion - Graphically Blue

I had put this shirt on the to go pile. I wasn't sure that it was working for me anymore. Kyla rocked this shirt in a yellow version a while back and I thought hmmm... maybe I should try it again. I pulled this shirt back out of the to go pile and put it to work in my new work wardrobe.

Shirt - Worthington via JCPenneys
Pants - Gap
Shoes - via Marshalls
Jacket - Worthington via JCPenneys

I am not sure I have gotten the hang of this new hair cut. I can't wait for an extra inch so I can pony tail it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Cardigans

So this is work dressing when I am sick. I had to find something that would be work appropriate but comfy and warm. It has been in the 30's and 40's the last several days. That makes for a great combination of the sore throat, being sick, and the cold weather.

This was my first attempt at sweater layering. I just got the teal sweater and I think it is going to be a great layering item. It is going to look great over shirts and dresses.

Khaki Cords - Maurices
Black Shirt - Old Navy
Grey Sweater - via Herbergers
Teal Sweater - via Marshalls
Bracelet - Fossil
Watch - Fossil
Necklace - via Herbergers
Boots - Madden Girl via DSW

Monday, October 12, 2009

Passionate Fashion - First Day Back

This is what I decided to wear on my first day back to work. It took me a little thought to decide what to wear. Some things I kept in mind where that I was starting on a Friday in a casual Friday office. This threw me as I am keen on wearing jeans when I am able to, but the thought of walking into my new office on the first day in jeans just threw me. I also kept in mind that I wasn't exactly sure what to expect for my first day.
The main reason for my outfits were that I wanted to feel confident, ready for anything, but still be professional and approachable in a semi casual environment.

Did I hit the mark?

I like to be dressed nice but I do not like to be over dressed. It makes me feel on edge like people are judging me or that I am trying to hard.

I love these khaki trousers. They are a step above khakis because of their felt/suede like fabric. They are a gorgeous deep shade of khaki which I find a bit more flattering for me. They are a super long length which is conducive to dressy heels.

I was a bit worried about wearing these heels for the first time on my first day but they worked out fine. I was on and off my feet for most of the day and the shoes held up pretty well comfort wise. I think a thinner sock might make them darn near perfect.

Sweater - gift?
Blue button down - Old Navy
Khakis - Ann Taylor Loft
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshalls
Shoes - Madden Girl via DSW
Bracelet - Fossil via Herbergers(sick of it yet?)
Bracelet- AE Live your Life
Watch - Fossil

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Get my jeans on

Black Tshirt- Daisy Fuentes via Kohls
Tank top - New York and Co
Jeans - American Eagle
Belt - via Target
Purse - Liz Clairborne via Herbergers
Boots- BCBGirl via DSW
Necklace - antiqued?
Bracelet- Fossil via Herbergers
Earrings - via Herbergers

Wore this the other day. Husband and I went and bought shoes to celebrate my getting my job. Stopped at the Yamaha dealer to order atv parts, ate Chipotle, bought shoes.

When I wear these boots I click/clunk... loudly. They are wood heels with rubber padding. They still clunk. It drives my husband nuts or so he says I think he secretly likes that I can't sneak up on him.

Hair... needs to be longer or shorter. And less gray. (You can't see it cause I color it!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Out of My Bubble Confusion

Ok... I tried something out of my bubble... WHAT with jeans?

I tried something that I have never tried before and I must say I am unsure of the results. Its not that I don't think it looks alright because I think it looks kinda cute but I must say that I am still unsure of the results for me.

What's so crazy and out of my comfort zone? I paired boots over the top of skinny jeans with a dress as a tunic.

This is nothing earth shattering for the fashion world or probably most of my readers but I had a really hard time with this outfit. I almost changed before I left the house. (Husband and I went to a movie etc..) As we were driving down the driveway, I was already thinking that I wanted to go back and change. I wouldn't admit that as I know my husband does not completely get my fashion and shopping as hobbies.

I started out as just thinking that I wasn't going to be comfortable. Yeah right a sweater dress, some jeans, and boots. Excuse one knocked out.

I think I just didn't feel like me, or more importantly, the me that I want to portray. The me that I want the world to see.

I like people to think that I am a tough, pulled together, sleek, professional person. For some reason this outfit did not make me feel those things. I started to get a little anxious about running into someone I know. (Not that likely as we are new to the area and headed a little ways from home.) I just did not like the vibe I was sending out. Why? I am still not completely sure what bothered me but I am not sure I will be trying this again.

By the way, I tried on SEVERAL pairs of boots to find ones that I was ok with.... somewhat. I am NOT lacking in boots! I think these made this outfit a bit more tough????? Or they made me look more balanced in my eyes? Not sure!

Jacket- Worthington via JCPenneys
Sweater - via American Eagle on clearance
Sweaterdress - thrifted or clearance
Jeans - Express via Marshalls
Boots - thrifted
Belt - Mossimo thrifted
Bracelet - Fossil via Herbergers
Watch = Fossil

Sorry about the pics. It SNOWED today! Ick!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I got the job so I bought myself new shoes! I LOVE them.

Cute with:
Boyfriend jeans and a vneck tee

Cute with:
A pencil skirt and a button down

They are both comfortable and they will be fun shoes for the fall and winter. I am so excited to mix these into my wardrobe. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about shoes for winter as I wanted something other than my calf length boots and my cowboy boots. I am so excited to wear my shoes.

Thanks DSW for the coupon!