Saturday, October 17, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Wrapped up in warmth

Still sick. That again means that my outfit is decided on work appropriateness and comfort in equal bouts. No teetering on 5 inch heels when you are off balance as it is. No restrictive clothes when you have to worry about your nose running or your throat hurting. That doesn't mean that you have to look scrubby. Although if that is what works for you and you are able to I am jealous. I picked this sweater for its warmth and comfort and becuase I feel feminine in it. Pinstripe dress pants were a natural choice for a business outfit. Shoes... a pair of doc martins. A hold over of my college days that come in handy when I am not in the mood for heels.

Sweater- made by mom
Pants -Maurices
Necklace - gift from mom
White T - Mossimo via Target


Kristen said...

Very cozy, and the pink is such a pretty shade for you.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely color on you. pretty handmade sweater!