Monday, October 12, 2009

Passionate Fashion - First Day Back

This is what I decided to wear on my first day back to work. It took me a little thought to decide what to wear. Some things I kept in mind where that I was starting on a Friday in a casual Friday office. This threw me as I am keen on wearing jeans when I am able to, but the thought of walking into my new office on the first day in jeans just threw me. I also kept in mind that I wasn't exactly sure what to expect for my first day.
The main reason for my outfits were that I wanted to feel confident, ready for anything, but still be professional and approachable in a semi casual environment.

Did I hit the mark?

I like to be dressed nice but I do not like to be over dressed. It makes me feel on edge like people are judging me or that I am trying to hard.

I love these khaki trousers. They are a step above khakis because of their felt/suede like fabric. They are a gorgeous deep shade of khaki which I find a bit more flattering for me. They are a super long length which is conducive to dressy heels.

I was a bit worried about wearing these heels for the first time on my first day but they worked out fine. I was on and off my feet for most of the day and the shoes held up pretty well comfort wise. I think a thinner sock might make them darn near perfect.

Sweater - gift?
Blue button down - Old Navy
Khakis - Ann Taylor Loft
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshalls
Shoes - Madden Girl via DSW
Bracelet - Fossil via Herbergers(sick of it yet?)
Bracelet- AE Live your Life
Watch - Fossil


fashionbyhe said...

great blog

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

eednic said...

i think you did great! I personally would have worn a blazer instead of a cardi, but I'm uber paranoid. I wore a suit the first time to meet my co-workers (we were just sitting around having lunch!) and I was WAY overdressed. ahhahaa. ah memories.

i LOVE those booties btw. those are fab.

i suspect you totally hit the mark with this outfit. how was the first day? do you like your co-workers so far?

Anonymous said...

you look nice. that blue looks good on you and those booties are so cute!

Kyla said...

I'm completely in love with those booties!

ShyGirl said...

those shoes! gorgeous!

WILDasaMINK said...

I really really love those shoes! I think I mentioned that in one of your other posts--but yeah, they're great!

CHICMUSE said...



Natalie said...

Your shoes are SOO CUTE! looking good :)


Cristina said...

Oh my goodness...... those shoes are to die for!!!!!

blackdog finds said...

I think you nailed it! And I want those booties!