Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion Blogger vs Minimalist

Can a fashion blogger be a minimalist?

Yes or No?

Why or Why Not?

What does minimalism mean to you?

In Need of Fashion Advice

I would like to think that I am a giver of fashion advice rather than someone who needs it.

... that being sad, I need to put this on my list... not the list of things I need, but on my list of things that I would like to purchase when I have some money (by that time I am sure the list items will have changed/be obsolete... fashion and fads... I hate that I love chasing you.)

Enough rambling....

Everyone needs this, don't they?

One thing I miss about real tv. TLC's What Not to Wear. I LOVE Clinton and Stacy. I love the outfits. The shopping. The makeovers! I love it all!

PS... I would love to come play in your closet or go shopping with you!!! I can help organize/get rid or I can help add to and play up your current wardrobe.. I LOVE to shop and I am good at it. I have been known to dress everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I want for My Birthday

Tummy Butter... for stretch marks. I read on a forum that this stuff works.. WHO KNOWS! Have you tried it?

This picture on a canvas of like 16 x 20 or whatever size is around there.

These boots....

... or the similar ones from Shi by Journey... Brown size 10

This purse...

...or this one...

These jeans...

A sewing machine...

This book...

There are so many fun things that I would love to go buy.... if only I had the money for it.

Disco Dancing... Shoes - DIY

Yes... My name is Jenna and I am addicted to shoes. I never have to worry about them fitting over my chest. Or my bottom being too small. (Yes I have no butt and my bottom is too SMALL for things. I think it makes up for my generous extra on top.)

Shoes fit. They just fit... yes they can be narrow or wide and yes they can be the wrong size but it is different then when clothes don't fit.

I saw these shoes from Christian Louboutin.

And of course I wanted them but not the $1400 or something price tag.

So I put a bottle of glitter, some modge podge, an old disco ball, some E6000 and a pair of thrifted Merona shoes to work.

What did I find???

Some sparkly fun shoes. Apparently these are blogger shoes. By that I mean shoes only a blogger can appreciate. Have you noticed that you are willing to wear crazier things since you joined the blogger world? I know that I wear things that I wouldn't have worn before I started reading other fashion blogs. Seeing other people wearing more outrageous things makes it seem more normal for my everyday life.

Interested in shoe DIYs. I saw a fun one over with Sydney over at the rabbit-hearted girl. Check it out here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Magazines and Busty Girls

I am starting to think that no one that works at a fashion magazine is busty. (I think the article that triggered this rant was about holiday dresses in a recent Lucky issue. Not that they are the only ones. And not that I don't like Lucky because I do. Check them out. ) Why would they tell a busty girl to wear strapless anything otherwise?? I mean there are ALWAYS exceptions as there aren't RULES anymore. (IMO) But large breasted girls don't suggest strapless to other large breasted girls.
Buy Here

I am sorry but being busty and strapless is not normally a good combination.  
(Unless they are perfectly perky.. not often... or fake... making them perfectly perky.)

Buy Here

Big busts and strapless means a lot of tugging, pulling, readjusting, and sometimes duct tape. (I wouldn't suggest the duct tape.) Trust me I know. I have tried strapless bras.. semi EXPENSIVE ones even to no avail. It is hard to even FIND a strapless bra in my size without ordering online and I mean COME ON clothes are hard enough to order online and they have a LITTLE forgiveness sizewise. (I don't often succeed with blind online ordering either.)

Buy Here

Dresses that would be more appropriate? My suggestions...

A halter with a thick enough strap for a halter bra... very lifting.
Buy Here

A tank dress with thick enough straps for a supportive bra and with as much or as little coverage as you would like in the cleavage area.
Buy Here
Buy Here

A wrap dress... much more figure flattering overall with enough coverage for a good bra and the option to layer a cami under for more coverage if necessary.

Buy Here

Images Borrowed from

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Figure Fixers via

I thought these were good suggestions. At least for the minimizing your bust section...

Figure Fixers

Do these tips work for YOUR body type? If yes or no... why or why not?

Basics - New Tshirts

In looking into my closet for basics to see I have and what I need to make my closet better and easier to work with, (See more here.)  I see that I have a need for a GOOD basic tshirt.

I currently own and like the Mossimo Vneck Tshirts. I am in the market for a good basic tshirt.. preferably vneck.

Any suggestions? What are your favorites?

DIY - Tuxedo Chain Jeans

A cute & simple DIY would be a pair of tuxedo jeans. Add ribbon to the sides of jeans.

Can you glue chains to the side of jeans to make like these Diesel jeans?

Early Christmas

American Eagle Slim Boot Jean
I just got these for Christmas... and for the few hours that I have worn them, I am loving my new American Eagle Slim Boot jeans.

Add another pair of AE jeans to my favorites list. Check off a pair of bright wash on my wants list. 

More Items for My Wishlist

Melie Bianco Amelia

Diba Boots

Brown... Size 10
Tignanello Purse

In Clay

I love purses and boots... just saying.

Camera Battery

Camera Remote

Camera Lense
(Thanks to early Christmas you can check the lens off my list!)

And taking pictures of said purses and boots... and my Peyton Monster.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More with Less?

I have been reading the interviews over here from the Project 333 people.
The first link is to the interviews of Project 333 members. The second link is to the rules of Project 333.

How much do we need to live with?

I am not saying that I am in line with the Project 333 people because I am not. I am just looking into the way what they are doing is affecting my thinking and life. I have mad respect for those who can and do live with 33 items.

I have been talking and thinking lately about how many things we need in our lives. As a new mom, I realize that most of my time is going to taking care of my little girl. I also realize that I spend A LOT of time putting things away.

My closet... minimal... NO!
Due to breastfeeding, I have been limiting my wardrobe quite severely. I have so many items that I love that I don't want to ruin. In doing this, I am realizing how many items I have that I don't even wear and how many items I have built up as a work wardrobe. I realize that a lot of people cross items into work/casual/play categories and I do this somewhat but at the same time, I don't have much need for dress pants when I am not working. I also can't normally get away with jeans in my work life. I will admit that I am a denim girl at heart. If I had the opportunity, I would live in denim 80-90 percent of the time. In the summer I need some shorts (I am not as in love with jeans shorts) and there are a few days here and there where I want to dress up a bit more but the majority of the time I don't wear anything other than my jeans. To me, that means that I should look into downsizing the other non denim clothes in my life (for now, as I am not working).
At some point I am sure I will go back to work, so my question is, do I keep said dress clothes? I apparently don't buy too many FAD clothes as most of the dressy clothes that I have are already several years old. I have pants that I purchased in high school that I still wore for work this last year. Do I keep them? Sell them? Store them? Do I try the box them up out of sight for a certain amount of time and see if I need them?

I have been feeling really good about getting rid of the excess items in my life. I have a LONG way to go and I don't think I will ever have a clutter free life. (I love to many creative outlet hobbies.) If I were honest about it though, I could get rid of a lot of hobby items too as they don't get the love that they should either. Once a year for a pair of ski boots? Once a year for a baseball bat? A volleyball? They sit in a bright red garbage can in the garage the rest of the time. I am going to call them decoration. My husband calls them, "in the way".

Part of this declutter thinking has lead me to more thoughts about what I purchase... I will be posting about this soon.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Accessory Switcheroo -

What is one accessory that you would like to switch up to fit your style but it gets too expensive?

Prescription glasses of course! Those of us who are a little blind, moi, love to have options for those days when we don't want to wear our contacts. I have options in my contacts (brown or brilliant blue) why not my glasses. Now I am able to add more style to my necessary accessories by changing out my specs to go with my mood. This is great since I have been spending more time in my glasses as a new mom. Sometimes it is easier to just head out the door in my glasses and sometimes it is just tough to find the time to put in my contacts... without poopy fingers. Eww... I know. I love that my new glasses allow me to wear see when I am not wearing my contacts without giving up style.

Who doesn't love to switch up their glasses when they switch up their style. I love to be a little bit rocker, a little bit casual, a little bit sparkly, and a little bit redneck/tomboy in my style among other things. (Just to clarify a bit - redneck equals my rubber boots... real rubber ones not the Hunter ones or the Burberry ones, jeans, Cabella's fleece, camo gloves, Jeep baby paraphernalia, Carhart hat, camo/orange diaper bag.)
This is me as a new mom... no makeup and undone hair.

I have wanted a new pair of glasses for a while but I have not been able to afford the hundreds of dollars to buy them. When I was approached by to review their glasses, I was super excited. After looking at their site, I realized that a person didn't need to go to an eye doctor to spend hundreds of dollars on glasses. They just need a current prescription to get their cheap eyeglasses. I headed to their site and chose my poison. Their virtual tool helped me get an idea of what my choices would look like on me and away I went. Discount eyeglasses, cheap designer eyeglasses, designer prescription glasses what a deal! What a steal! 

They also carry Nike prescription glasses, cheap prescription sunglasses, cheap eyeglass frames, and cheap reading glasses.  This allows you to spend as little or as much as you want and get what you want.

I was really happy with the service that I got ordering my glasses and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I received my glasses. When I am looking to purchase a pair of glasses with prescription lenses, I will definitely be heading back to

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of glasses that allow you to not have to choose between style and sight, (Those of us who interact with you i.e. meet you on the road appreciate you being able to see) head on over to to try out their virtual tool (all you need is a straight on headshot) to see which glasses will fit your style or styles. Be sure to use the code Blog10 to get 10% off your eyeglass purchase.

*These glasses were provided to me for review by

Wanted - More Shoes & Boots

Yes.. I am addicted. This is what happens when I can't shop.

It's a good thing these shoes from Lulu's don't come in my size.
Dollhouse Heels here
Charles Albert Boots Here

But these do.

I am so addicted to boots.. and shoes.. but mostly boots.