Sunday, September 27, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Crazy Print Dress

This is me being a good blogger. Not only showing you the good... but the bad as well?!?!?

This dress looks crazy in pictures... my husband didn't say anything bad about it. Actually I changed out of it and he said to put it back on... not paying attention male or pictures not telling the truth. UGH! I don't know!

Sorry for the bad pictures. Enjoy the pink sky!

Dress- via Goodwill ($5)
Shoes - Mudd via Famous Footwear (remix)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shoe Lust

christian louboutin....

This picture says it all... you don't want to see the price tag on it.


These shoes are sooo yummy!

Explaining my absence...

This is what I have been wearing everyday pretty much.. a variation of this outfit.

Tshirt - Old Navy (remix)
Shorts - DIY jean shorts

It hasn't hit fall here. (Well as I am typing this it is raining and chilly for the first time!) I am not wishing fall to come sooner as I know I will miss the warm weather as soon as it leaves, but I have a lot of fun fall clothes that I would like to wear. 80 degrees is too warm to dress up to walk the dog and spray paint things. (Two things I have been doing almost daily.) I mean I have boots to remix and a leather jacket to try out. I have trends to test on me.

Hopefully I will get a job soon so I can quite this lazing around, doing what I want to do, getting a work out in, and you know generally being happy. Just kidding. I have my fingers crossed over a job that I am waiting to hear back from. I would love to try my hand at what they have in mind for the position. Oh well... I am not in TOO big of a hurry to leave this life of lazing behind.

Oh yeah. I am jealous of all you girls that are not an apple shape. I have seen so many things that I would love to try but they just don't work on my shape. I am not trying to complain as most days I like to dress me but there are days when I want to borrow some of you girls as my mannequin. Maybe I should try my skills as a stylist? Nah, I think I would LOVE to be a personal shopper though. Anyone want to pay me for my services? I promise I can do better on you than me as I have mental blocks that won't allow me to leave the house when I don't feel like me.

Oh well... back to work. So many things I WANT to do... so little time to lounge around and procrastinate.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Turquoise and Coral

I love this combination. Turquoise and Coral!

You have read about this combination in magazines and books and everywhere else right now. They are right it is so cool and refreshing!

Yep that's right, my clothes make me feel.

I was reading on of Nina Garcia's books, One Hundred (Good read by the way!) and I was reading about these colors. I thought... I have those colors, NOW!

I found this necklace in an antique store with my mom last weekend. I think I paid $6 for it. I love it! Antique? Maybe. maybe not... but fun? YES!

Let me know what you think of my attempts at HATS and BOYFRIEND JEANS as this is out of my comfort zone and I am not sure I pulled them off.

Shirt- via Ann Taylor Loft (remixed)
Tank Top - Mia Bellina crop top (remixed)
Jeans - Men's BDG via Goodwill ($8)
Shoes - Delicious via Marshall's ($10)
Bracelet - Fossil via Herbergers ($15)
Necklace - via antique store ($6)
Hat - via Kohl's ($14)
Belt - Purple belt via Target

Did anyone in the Minneapolis - St Paul area visit the Junkapalooza (sp?) last weekend at Canterbury Park? It was so much fun. All sorts of vendors brought their antiques and junk to sell but it wasn't laid out like junk. They had a lot of fun and interesting ideas for their items and they were all laid out like mini boutiques. My mom and I found so many fun items and ideas to bring home with us.

My purchases:
Scrabble tiles
Watch faces
A rake head

What do you think of those? Sound a bit out there? Haha! I love them.

Update: If you like this outfit, check out Nic at Domestic Sophisticate. She is the queen of this look. The hats, the heels, the boyfriend pants... she owns them!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shout out to a Friend! ....Hairstyles

I have been looking for a new hairstyle for a while. I tend to snag pictures that I like as I am going along for the next time I need them. Hopefully that will be soon!!!! In the mean time, I thought I would share of few of pictures that I like right now. Some of these ideas are for me and some of them are for a friend! (Just My Style)

What do you think I should do?

What do you think Just My Style should do with her hair? Help us out!

I apologize for borrowing these photos without giving credit. I do not know where they came from. If any of the pictures belong to you, please let me know so I can give credit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fossil Bangle LOVE

I am in love people!!

Shopping with my mom this weekend, I found this awesome bangle at Herbergers.

It ACTUALLY FITS my wrist. Over my hand. No openings!!!!

#2 - IT FITS!
#3 - It is Fossil!
#4 - It was on SALE!

At Fossil, it retails for $38. I paid $15 and change for it at Herbergers! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

My mom and I found some cute items. Some of which are some creativity and assembly required. I will share that information as I finish my projects. (Not that I EVER seem to finish my projects! I am going to change that!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Jeans and a Tank Top

I wore this outfit last week or two weeks ago?? Oh wow is time flying. Anyway, I wore it to go school clothes shopping. No, I don't go to school anymore and the shopping wasn't really for me. Not that I didn't buy some things. When the weather gets cooler, I will be debuting my new faux leather jacket. I am in love!

My sister and mother brought my sister's two school age kids + a 3 year old down to visit and hit up all the great stores that I have at my disposal.

Shopping back home includes Target, Vanity, Maurices, Christopher and Banks, Fashion Bug, Kmart, and Herbergers. That is about it. We thought it would be fun to get together where there are STORES!

In one evening we hit JCPenney, Old Navy, Kohl's, Yankee Candle, Forever 21, Justice, and Trade Secret. I thought it was a successful trip.

The next day my sis, her oldest daughter, and I hit up the local Marshalls. LOVE!

A few items purchased for me:
New cage heels (my husband was impressed I can walk in them. All 4+ inches of them.)
A brown swingy sweater vest thing
A blue tank top with embellishments (wore to the wedding, pics soon)
My leather jacket (thanks mom!)
A slub cardigan (to be showcased!) I have worn it nearly every day, it just isn't cool enough to wear it for an outfit. Can you believe it has been 80+ degrees in MN this week? CRAZINESS!

I put this outfit together for two reasons:
To be comfortable and be able to walk for hours with my sis, her 3 kids, and my mom
To look stylish while being comfy

Tank top and jeans are super easy but look nice. I added the necklace, earrings, and the scarf bracelet to bring the outfit up a notch. I liked it. I was comfortable but I felt pulled together.

Tank Top - Old Navy - thrifted
Jeans - Banana Republic - thrifted $1?
Scarf - thrifted
Necklace - via Herbergers
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshalls
Watch - Fossil
Bracelet - American Eagle gifted
Earrings - via Herbergers
Sunglasses - via Fleet Farm
Flip Flops - Old Navy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Gansta Style

I bought this shirt as a 4x or 5x mens shirt to wear as a dress. I tried it a couple times and the husband didn't appreciate my style. I decided to hack it and wear it as a shirt with some funk.

I promise that I DO wear shoes when I go farther than the yard. And I am pretty sure that I had cute shoes on with this outfit. Not that I can remember which ones I wore.

Men's shirt - Sears DIY
Jean Capris - Silver's DIY years ago
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshalls

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Battle of the Taylors

I just thought this was funny. They had back to back Taylors in the VMA who wore what lineups. I heart them both.

Taylor Swift = Country Music

Look at that gorgeous dress!

Taylor Lautner = Twilight

That man (boy?) looks good in this suit!

They both look good so it doesn't matter!

Passionate Fashion - Orange and Teal

This was my running errand dress the other day. I just wanted to wear some clothes and look nice, be comfortable, be relaxed.

I normally where this orange dress with brown so this time... I went with something less matchy matchy. Yay me! The necklace and the shoes are similar shades of teal that are a fun addition to the orange dress.

Dress - Walmart clearance (remixed)
Belt - thrifted (remixed)
Shoes - Target clearance (remixed)
Necklace - gifted from Mom (remixed)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been busy...

I was lucky enough to be the photographer for my sister in law's gorgeous wedding. (HUGE thanks to my sis for backing me up and getting the shots that I missed!)

I must admit that I was very nervous as I have NEVER shot a wedding before. I learned a lot and wish this had been my fifteen millionth wedding as I could have done a lot better but it was gorgeous and I think I caught some good shots!

Congrats J and D!

This is why umbrellas are fashionable! The bride was worried (WHAT! NEVER!) that is might rain so she requested a last minute shopping trip to get one. My sister and I took a while trying to decide which one would fit Jess (the bride). At the last minute my sister pointed out that there was ANOTHER rack of umbrellas. I saw this one and thought of Jess immediately. I hope she liked it because I loved it and it was perfect for the beautiful sunny day. Every bride needs a sun umbrella on her day. Especially a $12 Target one!

I think the umbrella MADE some of the pictures.

Sorry.. these are not edited yet. And yes. We did take some "formal" pictures.

Passionate Fashion - LBD Keep or Donate?

I bought this dress at a thrift store for about 5 dollars. It really has a high scoop neck collar that is not flattering on my XL chest. I did some playing to make it have an asymmetrical collar and if I were to keep the dress I would be making some sort of change permanent. (I think.)

What do you think? Is the dress flattering or not? Should I keep it or donate it? Any ideas for changes to the dress?

Dress - thrifted
Shoes - Target clearance
Belt - thrifted

Wow! I think this outfit cost me $12 dollars. Does that make a difference?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Cargo G

I have so many clothes and I do the I don't have anything to wear a lot of the time. My husband complains that I have too many clothes, and I do have a lot of clothes but then again I don't get rid of clothes unless they don't fit or I don't like them anymore. Saying that, I must have good taste. I have a lot of the same clothes that I wore as say a sophmore in high school on up.

I may have 30 pairs of jeans (no I didn't count, that's a ballpark) but that is because many of them have been in my collection for YEARS! I don't often WEAR my clothes out and I take good care of the clothes that I have because hmmm since I have had them that long, I must like them!

I have special clothes for my pursuits that aren't as kind to clothes. If I know I am going to be doing something like walking, I dress for walking. I don't wear my good clothes for that stuff.

Now that I am learning what works for me and what items I LOVE, I have a lot less misses in my purchases. I feel that is learning and growing.

I shop not because I need items, but because I love the challenge of making something I love work in my wardrobe.

I have had these cargo pants for YEARS! I haven't worn them a lot, I can never make them feel RIGHT. I thought that rolling them up might help.

What do you think? Is my outfit fun or spastic? This is pushing the boundaries for me. I love to see the eclectic outfits that fellow bloggers come up with and yet I feel that I have to (because I like to) match.

Black Button down - Foxcroft via Nordstrom's (never ironed!)
Gray Cargos- ???
Gunmetal Shoes - Target
Yellowish Green top - Old Navy
Belt - Guess via Marshall's
Necklace- Herbergers

What would you classify this outfit as?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passionate Fashion - It's a Mensweary day

I must say I love how easy it is to use a vest to dress a very casual outfit up just a notch. Tshirt and jeans are great but a vest is a simple upgrade.

On another note, this outfit makes me happy! I am happy that I can be so lazy and still look cute! Yay me!

J, you are growing up in your style. I am so proud of you. (me having a conversation with... ME!)

On a fashion unrelated note, does anyone else have an addiction with names? I love names. Crazy names, the crazier....well note THE craziest lol but I love fun names. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Bob or John or Ashley or Courtney but I love fun crazy names. With a last name like mine... I will get to go hog wild when the time comes. (Scares the crap out of my husband... he likes semi normal names. Lately though I have noticed that he is finding different names and bringing them to MY attention. I LOVE when he takes an interest in things that I love. Like taking most of my pictures for this blog! Thanks Babe! Not that you are reading this anyway cause YOU DON'T follow my blog!) I just love names... no ulterior reasons people.

Green tshirt - Bits and Bridle via Tractor Supply or Farm and Fleet?
Vest - H & M
Jeans - Silvers
Shoes - RSVP - Bday gift from CA
Belt - Target
Hat - Herbergers

AHhhhh! Nothing thrifted in this outfit!

Happy Bday CA!!!!!!!! Love YOU!