Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fossil Bangle LOVE

I am in love people!!

Shopping with my mom this weekend, I found this awesome bangle at Herbergers.

It ACTUALLY FITS my wrist. Over my hand. No openings!!!!

#2 - IT FITS!
#3 - It is Fossil!
#4 - It was on SALE!

At Fossil, it retails for $38. I paid $15 and change for it at Herbergers! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

My mom and I found some cute items. Some of which are some creativity and assembly required. I will share that information as I finish my projects. (Not that I EVER seem to finish my projects! I am going to change that!)

1 comment:

April Pantall said...

What a cute find - I have a Fossil watch and couldn't part with it!