Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passionate Fashion - It's a Mensweary day

I must say I love how easy it is to use a vest to dress a very casual outfit up just a notch. Tshirt and jeans are great but a vest is a simple upgrade.

On another note, this outfit makes me happy! I am happy that I can be so lazy and still look cute! Yay me!

J, you are growing up in your style. I am so proud of you. (me having a conversation with... ME!)

On a fashion unrelated note, does anyone else have an addiction with names? I love names. Crazy names, the crazier....well note THE craziest lol but I love fun names. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Bob or John or Ashley or Courtney but I love fun crazy names. With a last name like mine... I will get to go hog wild when the time comes. (Scares the crap out of my husband... he likes semi normal names. Lately though I have noticed that he is finding different names and bringing them to MY attention. I LOVE when he takes an interest in things that I love. Like taking most of my pictures for this blog! Thanks Babe! Not that you are reading this anyway cause YOU DON'T follow my blog!) I just love names... no ulterior reasons people.

Green tshirt - Bits and Bridle via Tractor Supply or Farm and Fleet?
Vest - H & M
Jeans - Silvers
Shoes - RSVP - Bday gift from CA
Belt - Target
Hat - Herbergers

AHhhhh! Nothing thrifted in this outfit!

Happy Bday CA!!!!!!!! Love YOU!


Christen said...

Love the vest and hat!

Kristin said...

Love the vest!

eednic said...

names are cool! what kind of names were you thinking of? i have a niece with a lovely name: Maryn (pronounced like Karen).

i probably won't have children, but me and the SO have chatted about what we would name kids and we both like interesting names, like August or Otto or Ezra. Well...those aren't odd so much as old, right? We even picked out middle names....awwwwwww.

Cristina said...

CUTE hat!