Friday, January 30, 2009

What I Wore Friday

So I set up my big camera this afternoon but I took these pictures this morning with my other camera. (Yes I have two cameras. One for my purse and one for everything else.)

I dressed in my jeans as its Friday and I can. I LOVE to dress with jeans. I like to dress them up and dress them done. YAY for jeans.

This outfit is a sweater from Old Navy, my white eyelet shirt from Kohls, and a favorite blue tshirt from Old Navy. I have it in dirty lime green, bright water blue, and dusty gray. I also have on my Aristicrat jeans that my dear husband bought me for Christmas. He got them from redtagcrazy. (See the add in the sidebar to get five dollars redtagcash for you and five for me.)

On my feet I have my brown riding boots from DSW. These boots were an AWESOME purchase. I wear them under my jeans and with skirts and dresses. I am not a tuck into boots person as I tend to feel top heavy when my pants or other bottom cover don't even out the top a bit. That isn't to say that I am done trying to find something that works for me. I just haven't found the correct tucking outfit for me yet.

My husband bought me the top two necklaces. I have a bit of a shamrock fetish.

10 hour SALE at

According to this blogging, there is a great shoe sale at I WANT some of them but I can't tell which ones or they will run out of my size before I can get them. Hurry only 10 hours for this sale.

As I was looking at the shoes I came across this great wrap. I have never known what to do with a wrap but I would learn for this one. Can a big boned girl get away with a wrap without adding pounds?

LoVe ThIs cLuTcH! DIY possibilities

I found this clutch and thought it was soooo cute. Lovely ladies who think themselves DIY er's. How simple would this be with a plain clutch and a pretty brooch? Or even a plain purse and a brooch? Has anyone tried this? If you have please leave me a comment with a link so I can check it out. I am picturing the possibilities already.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I Wore Today- Vintage, My Way

I don't know if I really know what the word "vintage". According to

(vĭn'tĭj) Pronunciation Key
  1. The yield of wine or grapes from a vineyard or district during one season.
  2. Wine, usually of high quality, identified as to year and vineyard or district of origin.
  3. The year or place in which a wine is bottled.
    1. The harvesting of a grape crop.
    2. The initial stages of winemaking.
    3. A group or collection of people or things sharing certain characteristics.
    4. A year or period of origin: a car of 1942 vintage.
    5. Length of existence; age.
  4. Informal
    1. A group or collection of people or things sharing certain characteristics.
    2. A year or period of origin: a car of 1942 vintage.
    3. Length of existence; age.
  1. Of or relating to a vintage.
  2. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.
  3. Old or outmoded.
    1. Of the best: played songs that were vintage Cole Porter.
    2. Of the most distinctive: "Fatalism has coexisted with vintage American overconfidence" (Thomas Oliphant).

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, alteration (influenced by viniter, vintner) of Old French vendange, from Latin vīndēmia : vīnum, grapes + dēmere, to take off (, de- + emere, to obtain; see em- in Indo-European roots).]

According to the adjective form numbers 1 and 3, this sweater is vintage. I got this sweater from my mom. She made this sweater, at least I am pretty sure that she knitted this sweater for herself. I like how this sweater makes me look a little dressy in a big comfy warm sweater.
I put on black (shhh....) jeans and a pair of square nose brown croc boots courtesy of Payless a couple years ago.

I added this necklace to add something but I am not sure if it was a hit or miss. It was either this or pearls. I thought maybe the pearls would be too sweetsy. Do you like the necklace or think it was too much? Let me know so I know!

Green Dress- All Dressed Up

I have talked about this green dress a lot so I thought i would show you it's debut to the public.
My company was nominated for an award so I wanted to look nice and professional.

I stole the jacket from my new grown up suit and layered that over the dress.

My husband things the dress is too green. I must say this is not surprising as I hardly have any green in my closet. Green is just not one of my favorite colors unless we are talking about shamrocks. Since changing my eye and hair color, (YES I do both.) I think the green looks good on me. I must say this dress would be worn daily if it was a cobalt blue color. I LOVE blue.

I paired this dress with a pair of my DSW purchases a pair of fun black Liz Clairbornes and the necklace that I made which is featured here.

Don't mind my hair... I took the pictures before I dried it for the day.

Are you willing to wear a dress that fits great in a color you aren't completely fond of?
Does this dress/shoe combo make my legs look hot? haha

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My new love?

These shoes come in my size!!!! Size 11 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wide? What's the like? That might be nice?!?

Happy Birthday tooo meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Nine West Fender

Separation Anxiety - For Sale Nine West Slingback Pumps

I HAD to have these shoes. I saw them and NEEDED to own them. I got permission from my husband. (yes I BEGGED for these shoes.) I waited months to wear these shoes as I hurt my ankle just before I bought them. I still HAD to have them.

After waiting for MONTHS to wear these shoes, my ankle was feeling better and the time was right. I wore these shoes to work the other day. The very first time I wore them. (I love a cute shoe poking out from some plain pants.)

These shoes are a half size or more too small for me. So in order to make these shoes happy and open my budget up for a pair of shoes that I CAN wear, I am hoping to sell these shoes.

These shoes are Nine West shoes size 10. They have been worn once.
Please someone give them a good home and the love and wear that they deserve.
I am asking $40 plus $5 shipping for these shoes.

If you are interested, please email me at barefootinboots at gmail dot com.

Dress for success

I have an awards banquet for work tomorrow and I am hoping to wear my new green dress. Fingers crossed that I make myself do it. ( I get nervous about dressing up past my level of comfort. I love being dressed one step more casual than the dressy people around me. I don't really know why.)
One thing about me is that I would rather have something creative in my outfit than something dressy dressy. I love to wear one great item and have the rest of my outfit fade into the background.

To go along with my green dress, I made a new necklace. I will have to see in the morning if they "go".

Sorry that the pics are fuzzy, I was trying to get pics without my dogs nose in them. Aren't pets helpful.

What a Blue Day

I didn't dress very excitingly today. I am wearing a teal cable knit hooded sweater from Old Navy, a Target boyfriend vneck tee, and a pair of khaki's from Marshall's MANY moons ago. I thought this was a nice casual outfit so I paired it with my fun thrift store shoes. To make me feel a little dressier, I put on my earrings that I made last night.

My earrings.

Even my thrift store shoes have bling! (That's for you bling sis!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Dress" your body

Are you someone who tries EVERYTHING on in the store? Do you just hope that it will look right? Do you end up returning a lot of what you buy? Since I have gained some weight, I have become a fan of trying everything on and making sure that I love the way I look in something. Sometimes I think those store mirrors lie. I bought 3 dresses the other day after trying on about 8 others. I loved the way each dress fit me in a different way and would work for different applications.

I want to show what different dresses can mean for a body with a few "opportunity" areas.

Dress #1 covers some of the problem areas and without the belt drapes softly. This dress could be considered a fun dress to hang out in. This dress doesn't show the body shape underneath but because of the shapelessness, it can make a person look bigger unless you are careful.

Dress #2 a wrap dress can be a great option for a person with a little extra meat on their bones. The dress ties at the waist creating a sleek look . The black in the edging creates a vertical line throughout the outfit by drawing the eye up and down. The pattern isn't too large or two small. The color combination makes the dress pop.

Dress #3 The solid color of this dress and the cut of this dress make it a flattering choice. There is no excess fabric making the body look larger than it is. The belt highlights the smallest part of the body. This dress would work for a work function. A blazer coat with a fun necklace would create a great outfit for an after hours work event.

This dress makes a girl feel good about her body the way it is. Extra pounds and all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Need to try this out!

I saw this post on and I think I need to try it out!
I thought of my rockin' Jess immediately along with my sis's lovely youngins.

Oh No I see a trip to Michael's in my future. BAD NEWS!

This project reminds me at my attempt at decorating my wedding. I bought the letters for I DO.
I spray painted said letters yellow and laid them on the cake table on the blue table cloth. We surrounded the cake with fake yellow orchids.

Yes my colors were crazy! My husband picked them (yamaha blue and skidoo yellow) and I was like, " I can work with that."
(I was originally thinking pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows)

I will see if I can scrounge up a pic of the cake table to show.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Partially "Backlace"

I am working on a backlace for Jess for her wedding. So I need to get her opinion on it so far. It is NOT FINISHED!

This first picture is of the front of the backlace. I think it is too long right now.
This picture shows how the backlace looks down someones back.
This picture shows the bottom of the backlace in the back.

Does anyone have any opionions or suggestions. I have a few more ideas to try out but I am always up for new ideas. Jess knows what she wants and I want to make it better than that. She deserves it.

Pink in the Accessories

Here is the outfit for a junkie Thursday. I choose comfort over looks most days. Not that I don't care about looks but I like to feel like me. Days like today it is more of a challenge to see if I can make comfortable look work appropriate. I would LOVE to be able to wear jeans any day that I want. I think that might have looked nicer.

The tunic is from Old Navy several years ago. The tank are old navy and target. The jeans are... old. My cowboy boots are from Fleet Farm. Yeah that's sooo stylish.

The accessories are my favorite... the necklace was on sale at new york and co. the bracelet is 3 strands of beads from Joann's strung wrapped together. The earrings are... old.

You can hardly see the zebra print belt.
I will see about setting up my tripod with my big camera to get better pictures. I thought these would be fine but I am not happy with them.

The Grown up Suit

I told you I would get a picture of the grown up suit and here it is.
I matched my Tahari- Arthur Levine? Suit from Macy's with a teal blouse from JCPenney and a purple tank from old navy. My shoes are black Sofft boots from DSW.

This picture is courtesy of my boss.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday of a long week for no reason

The shirt is from JCPenneys. The tank is a striped purple tank from Old Navy. The jeans are from Kohls... Miss Sixtys (they look much cuter with heels but I was lazy. This is why people shouldn't roll their jeans.) The shoes are helly hanson's and they reflect!

Yeah.. This has been one of the longest week and I don't really even have a reason. Mainly I can't get any motivation to get any of the things that I should be getting at done which then makes me feel guilty.

For part of the day I had to wear a suit today and hopefully I will have that pic tomorrow as it is on someone else's camera.
I thought I would share what I wore to run some errands after work. I want to put out a disclaimer that I went to Petco and Michael's and to walk the dog. Please don't laugh at the outfit. Second disclaimer. It is VERY sloppy as it is melting some of the snow with this tropical 30 degree weather we are having. Yes I said tropical for 30 degrees F. I HATE -20 degree F weather. HATE IT! Unless I can stay snuggled up in bed. Then it is just fine.

The challenge

Jess.... Love or Hate??? Let me know.

My sister in law Jess is getting married in September. What a great time to get married. (I am biased.) Jess is graciously allowing me to steer her through some of the wedding details as I am an EXPERT on the topic. (I got married two years ago. Yep that is my only experience. Granted I planned the whole thing myself.) Anyway.. I will ask her if I can share some of the awesome details she has come up with... as she is going to make 50 million changes between now and then anyway.
The point of this post is to say that I am working on a very cool jewelry challenge regarding the wedding and after a stop at Michael's this evening to pick up the necessary components I am piecing something together. I think I will have to make myself one as well. I will let you know the outcome if that is okay with Jess as I am VERY excited about the project.

I AM VERY EXCITED about the whole wedding thing. Jess and I spent a Saturday two weekends ago at a bridal expo and Michael's getting ideas and playing with some of the details. I would LOVE to have unlimited money to throw a party such as a wedding but I enjoy playing with ideas to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say. Being thrifty can be sooo much more exciting. (Maybe its just that I have never had an unlimited budget?

Let's get the "swingers" together. I love codes!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday's Outfit

This is what I wore today.
The close up is to show my earrings that i am wearing. They are Daisy Fuentes earrings that I got from Kohl's. They are one of my most worn pairs of earrings.
The black pearl necklace is from my mom from Christmas. Doesn't it make me look polished?
Thanks Mom.

I am wearing black dress pants from JCPenneys, the BEST white dress shirt ever. I got this shirt from Nordstom's (? pretty sure) when I was in Seattle. The shirt is made by Foxcroft. It is a no iron shirt. I have owned this shirt for a while now and despite wash after wash it looks the same as the day I bought it. The sweater is my first cashmere item of clothing. I grabbed it up from Marshall's.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Books on my Wishlist

These are the books that are on my wishlist. There were recently a few more books on that list but I was able to take them off by finding that at Amazon. These books were all located at


These are the shoes that I need to do my walking in the summer. Yep. Need. I have been watching these for months. It is a lot easier to watch them when there is a foot of snow on the ground outside.

Sanuk Women's Hana Thong

Need to Shop

I feel like I have the need to shop. I keep telling myself that I am going to follow some of the other bloggers who "shop their closet" instead of going out and buying new things. I find that I have 8 million excuses for why I can't or shouldn't stick with this no shop philosophy. Just look at my shopping this weekend. You can see several of the purchases in the previous posts.
One of my excuses is that I need to update my wardrobe for my job. Part of that is the truth. My last position and college before that did not quite make for the best professional wardrobe. That probably shouldn't be an excuse anymore since I probably have a good start on a professional wardrobe.

My next excuse can be that I need to build a shoe wardrobe. My shoe choices are not normally all that work appropriate. I do pick some that are work appropriate but alot of time I pick the funky shoes. My husband tends to think that I have horrible taste in shoes but I think that people (women) who like shoes probably sympathize with me.
I ran across these shoes on this blog.

I think that I need some new shoes.
Do these count as work shoes? Or these? Or these? Or these? How about these?


I might have bought a few dresses this weekend when I was out shopping with my mother. (shh don't tell my husband.) We spent two hours running around the Joann's fabric store. Can you tell we sew/craft things? Two hours is a long time when you think about that in terms of time spent circling the store 8 times. (Does that count as my workout for the day? That has to have burned a lot of calories.) When we stopped at Marshall's next I was able to grab some great items. I got the cardi from the previous post. What my husband lovingly calls my "Cow shirt". Does anyone else think it is a "cow shirt"? I was thinking more along the lines of dalmatian.

I also picked up 3 dresses.

I am thinking it will look hot with the black faux alligator skin Guess belt that I bought and a colorful dangly necklace.

Dress #2

Again. I am thinking the black Guess belt that I got this weekend. I think that the thin belt that came with it is not substantial enough for my (ahem) big boned body shape.

Dress #3

I have been shopping for a wrap dress for a while now. I am a huge Diane von Furstenburg fan. Granted I don't own any of her clothing but I always find myself attracted to her clothing. I would love to meet her someday. Anyway, I have wanted a wrap for a while now. I found a fauz wrap at Kohl's a while ago and wore it several times before the weather made it more difficult to wear comfortably.
It was an average of -20 degrees below zero last week. That makes it tough to layer anything other than pants in my mind.

What kind of ideas would you try for these dresses? As you can see they are blank canvases with only ideas right now.

What I Wore Today

Since I thought I looked all right today I thought I would take some pictures. I don't think the camera did my outfit justice. As you can see, there isn't much color in the wardrobe itself but I did add some touches of color with the shoes and my bracelet.

The sweater was a find from Marshall's.
The shirt underneath is a pj shirt from Walmart.
The pants are from NY & Co. city pants with a sateen finish. Great Sale!
The bauble bracelet that you can't see is red, pink and silver from American Eagle.
The belt is a men's belt from Marshall's.
The pearl necklace is on loan from my mother. Her dad gave them to her.
The shoes are Payless. (a great burgundy color)