Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pain for Fashion

I used to laugh at those people... you know them... the girls who look so cute and like they didn't even try. The ones who toddle around in heels and make it look like it is nothing. Okay maybe not laugh. I probably would want to strangle them. You know you just want to hate them but you can't because they look so great. Instead you aspire to BE them.

I have been trying to make myself be more creative about my wardrobe for everyday. I have had an addiction to creative shoes for a while now but I have not worn them a lot.
I have had this pair of shoes (in black and tan) in my closet for several months. I FINALLY worn them for the first time. I was sooo excited as I... teetered, yep that is the right word...teetered out the door this morning I was feeling so hot. I was very proud of my outfit even though the shoes were the only great part of it. I mean in addition to some wide leg denimlike trousers, an American Basics Tshirt, and an Old Navy fur hooded sweatshirt. (I told you nothing special.) The shoes helped me feel like less of a slouch. About 2 hours later... with the shoes sitting on the floor under my desk most of that time, my feet were KILLING me. But since I LOVE them I was willing to feel the pain. By lunch my feet HURT! I was done for. I HAD to take those evil things off. How had they turned evil so quickly. Just a couple hours before they were the BEST thing ever. Hmmmm.... now I need to find a way to get rid of them... to someone with smaller feet... so that I can buy some replacement shoes that make me feel the happiness I felt at the beginning of my day.

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