Monday, January 19, 2009


I might have bought a few dresses this weekend when I was out shopping with my mother. (shh don't tell my husband.) We spent two hours running around the Joann's fabric store. Can you tell we sew/craft things? Two hours is a long time when you think about that in terms of time spent circling the store 8 times. (Does that count as my workout for the day? That has to have burned a lot of calories.) When we stopped at Marshall's next I was able to grab some great items. I got the cardi from the previous post. What my husband lovingly calls my "Cow shirt". Does anyone else think it is a "cow shirt"? I was thinking more along the lines of dalmatian.

I also picked up 3 dresses.

I am thinking it will look hot with the black faux alligator skin Guess belt that I bought and a colorful dangly necklace.

Dress #2

Again. I am thinking the black Guess belt that I got this weekend. I think that the thin belt that came with it is not substantial enough for my (ahem) big boned body shape.

Dress #3

I have been shopping for a wrap dress for a while now. I am a huge Diane von Furstenburg fan. Granted I don't own any of her clothing but I always find myself attracted to her clothing. I would love to meet her someday. Anyway, I have wanted a wrap for a while now. I found a fauz wrap at Kohl's a while ago and wore it several times before the weather made it more difficult to wear comfortably.
It was an average of -20 degrees below zero last week. That makes it tough to layer anything other than pants in my mind.

What kind of ideas would you try for these dresses? As you can see they are blank canvases with only ideas right now.

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Lucy said...

Wow!! You got lovely dresses!! I too have nice collection of dresses... Some of them I got from Kohls...