Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Dress- All Dressed Up

I have talked about this green dress a lot so I thought i would show you it's debut to the public.
My company was nominated for an award so I wanted to look nice and professional.

I stole the jacket from my new grown up suit and layered that over the dress.

My husband things the dress is too green. I must say this is not surprising as I hardly have any green in my closet. Green is just not one of my favorite colors unless we are talking about shamrocks. Since changing my eye and hair color, (YES I do both.) I think the green looks good on me. I must say this dress would be worn daily if it was a cobalt blue color. I LOVE blue.

I paired this dress with a pair of my DSW purchases a pair of fun black Liz Clairbornes and the necklace that I made which is featured here.

Don't mind my hair... I took the pictures before I dried it for the day.

Are you willing to wear a dress that fits great in a color you aren't completely fond of?
Does this dress/shoe combo make my legs look hot? haha

1 comment:

Jess said...

Love it! The shoes too. I tend to prefer kitten heels compared to full blown 4 inchers! Although I have both, I have found that my kittens are more comfy for me. Hrmph kinda sad cause some high heels are sexy!!!!