Thursday, November 26, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Pleated?

I found these pants at the thrift store with the tags still on. They reminded me of Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk. She had a pair of pants that were too big that she turned into a fashionable pair of high waisted pants.

I am not sure that it worked for me as a coworker asked me if I had lost a lot of weight since I bought them. Does that mean they are too big?

I didn't even try and I was suited up. Ah well, sometimes it works.

Pants - Relativity thrifted
Jacket - Nordstrom's thrifted and gifted
Shirt - Old Navy Outlet
Tee let- (Giveaway item)
Boots - Madden Girl via DSW
Belt - via Target
Necklace - Target
Bracelet- Fossil via Herbergers

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Argyle Friday Style

This shirt is another of my Old Navy Outlet store purchases. I love the fun colors and the great design.

Time for a long weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!


Jeans - DL1961
Boots- BCBGirls via DSW
Tshirt - Old Navy Outlet
Jacket - Relativity via Herbergers
Leather Jacket- Worthington via JCPenney
Necklace - via Herbergers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boot Lust

I have a couple pairs of boots. I have black and I have brown. Both are about mid calf. One has a high heel, and one has a a thick chunky heel... I would love something taller. Something with a wedge heel or similar. I would love one of these. The top two are DROOL inducing and would be my first choices! Too bad #1 is more than $400. I don't think that is in the budget. #2 is still pretty spendy but since it is under $250 versus the $400 it is a bit more realistic. Considering how much where I get in my boots over the winter here in Minnesota, I think I would be willing to pay something like this for boots.

PLEASE! Size 10.5 or 11!!!! Thanks

Pretty please!

Passionate Fashion - Black to the setting sun

The weather here has been unseasonably warm. We don't have any snow yet! We have hardly even seen snow! I have been enjoying working with layers and getting extra wear out of my open shoes and heels. With a bad ankle, I have to be careful about my heels and ice. I hurt my ankle on flat floors. I don't need to slip on ice, that is what happened to get my ankle hurt in the first place.

Black Cardigan - ?
Black Pants - Worthington via JCPenney
Boots - Aldo
Tank - via Old Navy Outlet
Necklace - gifted

Monday, November 23, 2009

Passionate Fashion - NEW YORK

This outfit would be another case of trying something new and wearing items previously unworn in my closet. I thrifted the tank a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to wear it. I wasn't sure that it was work appropriate but then I decided that I would layer it under my slouchy cardigan with some serious pants. (That is what I tend to call plain black dress pants. It is hard to construe them as fun pants when they go as part of a boring suit.) My black boots finish this outfit off.

I think this is a good example of being able to dress up or down an item to fit your lifestyle.

I used to think that casual clothes were casual clothes and work clothes were work clothes. I am glad that I have found that that doesn't have to be the case.

New York tank - Converse One thrifted
Gray Cardiga - via Marshall's
Black Pants - via Gap
Blue and Silver Necklace - via Target
Gold and Gray Necklace - Fossil via Herbergers
Boots - via DSW
Leather Jacket - Worthington via JCPenney gifted

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Spotted in a LONNNNNGG scarf

I will tell you this... this scarf.... is not for people under the height of 5'3".

It would drag on the ground for people of that height, but that is because that is how my mom made it! Because I asked her too... and because she is awesome like that. (My mom makes lots of great sewing and knitting items for me!)

Luckily, I am not 5' 3" tall. And when I wear these shoes... I am over 6 feet tall. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

This outfit is a product of utilizing more of the items in my closet. I am trying to make it that I wear the items in my closet more often or that they leave! It's all part of my attempt at a more simplistic lifestyle.

Cardigan - via Marshall's
Khakis - Ann Taylor Loft
Gray Tee - Mossimo via Target
Shoes - via DSW
Black Jacket - Merona via Target (clearance $4?)
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshall's
Scarf - made by Mom

I am trying to focus more on loving the items that I have and that I buy. This ensures that I will get more wear out of them. And hopefully save money, learn what to buy, and be happier with what I have!

The cardigan was one of my favorites last year and I am excited to get more wear out of it this year. The pants are a much worn favorite. The tee is a layering basic for me. The jacket (not my outerwear jacket as I believe I wore my leather jacket outside... WHAT you say? You wore your leather jacket? I know, I cannot believe it either. (Teehee, ok. I wear it all the time other than when I am dog walking. ((Oops, I think I wore it dog walking two posts back.. shhhhh!!!)))

As an aside, I am very proud of my leather coat. Not only do I look great in it... I know don't I? (teehee conceded?) But I am definetely getting "the" money's worth out of it. Can't say my as I didn't buy it.

Lifestyle Change Status-
Something bad for this lifestyle but that I am not giving it up, is this thrift store by my parents! They sell shoes for 50 cents, clothes $4 for a brown grocery bag, other miscellaneous items in the bag or tagged for next to nothing. I leave with bags of things each trip. Sometimes I spend $10 sometimes $25 every once in a while $40. It is great!!! I love that each time I go there seems to be something that I am suuuuper excited about. The downside to this, is that there are a lot of items coming in whenever I go.

To combat this, I wash everything immediately and try to put it to use that week. If I haven't loved it or have a plan to love it in a few weeks, back out it goes. When you spend pennies for it, it isn't as hard to let it go. Sure beats the feeling of buyer's remorse you get from plunking down moocho money on an item and not being able to return it for some reason and then not wanting to let it go.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking a step back

Blogging friends and readers in this lovely blog world-

I need to tell you guys that I am cutting back the number of blogs that I read in an attempt to make my life mine.

What I mean by this is that I was reading so many GREAT, EXCELLENT, EXCITING, FUN blogs that I was missing out on other things in life.... and I was not happy.

I am still reading a few of my absolute favorite blogs and commenting on those. I am also going to continue blogging here. I love it too much! It pushes me to try new things!

I also need to cut back on the blogging because I have a really bad case of the "I want but can't haves". I have very little will power when it comes to shopping. I LOVE to have new things. I have a hard time watching some of these people get whatever they want whenever they want without feeling like I should/or can do that too.

I need to learn to be happy in my life without buying everything. I need to learn to be happy in my life with the things that I have. In an attempt to foster this, I am going to spend more of the time that I used to spend reading blogs on hanging out with my husband, puppy, and family. I am going to try to spend more time cleaning and organizing my house and being happy with the things in it and not with the things that I think I need or want to fill it.

I am going to spend more time working on all the projects that I buy the items for but never get around to them because I have been spending ALL of my time reading the GREAT, AWESOME, GOING TO BE MISSED blogs. You will still find most of these blogs in my blog list on the side bar so we can all browse through them from time to time, but my google reader will not be reading 100+ items after 3 hours.

If you guys find something that I NEED to read feel free to drop me a link. I still want to be in touch!

Hopefully the result of this will be a happier, better blogger on my end!

Don't forget me blogging world!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

p- DOG Bookmark

This is me and my p - dog. I call her p dog short for Puppy Dog. Her name is really Skylar.

Skylar is here to tell you that I will be back here soon with some outfits.

Passionate Fashion - First Denim Skirt

Yep, I will admit it. This is my first denim skirt since I was a little tomboy. Back then, I refused to wear skirts of any sort. This time around I was excited to find a way to work it into my fall wardrobe.

I purchased this skirt at the Old Navy outlet several weeks ago just before I got sick. Since then there didn't seem to be the right time to wear it. Today, I WORE IT!

Note to self. Denim and tights... need a slip. The front of the skirt kept bunching up.

These shoes! I thrifted these shoes at Goodwill this summer with my one of my favorite shopping partners, Jess! I had to fight the 6 foot tall amazon girl for them but since she got my dress, I got the shoes!

We thought these would be Jess's wedding shoes but at 9.5 they were too big for her. I thought they would be too small and they are a bit on the tight side but with tights they actually slipped off. I swear I am missing a hook or a curve on the back of my foot that keeps heels on!

This outfit was layers built to keep me warm and business like. And it mostly did it's job. I am proud of myself for wearing more of the items in my closet and pushing myself more in my wardrobe. I just need to remember to dress for the position I want not the position I have and to dress old enough to be taken seriously. Sometimes I have a hard time being taken seriously because I like to be silly and people think that is me all the time. Grrrr!!!! I don't want to be boring and serious!

If only my hair would grow up and be fun and professional like me.

Cardigan- via Marshall's
Black T - via Walmart
Black Long Sleeve Tee - Mossimo via Target
Denim Skirt - Old Navy Outlet
Tights - via ShopKo (I need more of these. They actually fit!)
Shoes - Jessica Simpson via Goodwill
Necklace - via Herbergers
Bracelet - Fossil via Herbergers
Watch - Fossil via Herbergers

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new winter coat?

Click on the coat if you would like to see where to buy it for me... I mean you. Nah for me! It is too cute. I have been telling myself that I don't need a new winter coat for a while. I haven't purchased a new winter coat for quite a while. I have coats for everything I do. I have a plaid wool peacoat for dressier (but not dressy), I have a snowmobile jacket for snowmobiling and fourwheeling, and I have a ski jacket for skiing. Since I don't need to replace either the ski or the snowmobile jacket, that would mean it would be a suppliment or replacement for my wool coat. I am not ready to get rid of that coat yet. Maybe it would be nice to put it in the closet for a later date? I LOVE this coat! I think I need to stop into an American Eagle soon.

Passionate Fashion - Black and White in the Gray

Nothing much to say about this outfit.
As the title says, black and white in the gray. Comfy, warm, and businesslike.

Pants - via Maurices
Sweater - via Ann Taylor Loft
White shirt - Old Navy
Wool Jacket - Nordstrom thrifted
Boots - Aldo
Scarf -via Herbergers

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Color up to here

I have been spending my time since this post breaking out of my fashion box while keeping my "style". I have also been trying to make the most of the items that are in my closet. I have plenty of items (bought or thrifted) that haven't been worn or at least they haven't been worn enough.

This outfit fit with my style while pushing my fashion boundaries. I have never really worn knee socks and boots and I don't think I have ever worn a sweater and a skirt.

I'm trying!

This finger nail polish is fun. Rimmel 60 Second in Red Carpet!

Sweater - Mossimo via Target
Skirt - via Target
Boots - via DSW ( I bought these years ago and they are STILL in the DSW ads)
Socks - via Target
Necklace - via Herbergers

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Got a New Closet

It's like I got new everything in my closet. Ok well not quite. I have been working on wearing the items that have been hanging in the dank darkness that was my closet. Ok another exaggeration. I am trying to find fun ways to love my closet. It helps when the people around me have NEVER seen the clothes that I am wearing. Even if they aren't new to me, they seem new to them!

A clean closet can be much like a new closet. Even if it is still packed to the gills! I can't seem to get rid of any of my clothes. How do people do it!!!!

Passionate Fashion - The Offending Outfit

Here is the dress... as a dress that I mentioned in this post.

This outfit is my do over of this post's outfit.

I changed a few things to make it a little bit more comfortable to me. But it is still pushing MY boundaries of fashion comfort. I am working on trying an outfit at least once a week that pushes me to test my style a bit more. By pushing my boundary here and there, I find that I am able to wear more of my clothes in fun ways. Once I wear something out and get myself more comfortable with it, it doesn't seem so out there. That allows me to try something bigger the next time. This may not seem like much, but I have said it before and I will say it again, I never would have even worn a dress to work a few years ago. I didn't own a skirt and all of my pants were basically the same. Either a pair of jeans (straight, bootcut, or maybe a bit baggy) or a pair of trousers in black or gray (very basic!). My shoes have been my creative outlet but I wear them like my underwear..... umm.... I wear them UNDER my pants so I know they are cute and they make me feel good but noone else needs to know.

What did you think I mean??? Sickos!

Dress -Essentials? via Marshall's
Leggings - via Shopko
Slip - via Marshall's
Shoes - Madden Girl? via DSW
Belt - thrifted

Monday, November 9, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Sexy School Teacher

Since my husband's sister is a librarian, I am not allowed to be a sexy librarian. Haha... it must be a badddd image. LOL

I think I can work it as a sexy school teacher.

I thrifted this satiny skirt this past summer (along with the recent tweed skirt) and I never brought it out of the closet. When I thrifted this striped button down this weekend I knew what I wanted to wear it with.

I pulled this outfit together to make up for the fact that I had to leave work for a bit to pick up my husband. I wanted to make sure that I looked the part of a professional.

It was working for me as I felt pretty good about myself and I was motivated to get stuff done... until my husband called and told me that I couldn't go back to work after I dropped him off.

I hope this professional outfit made up for the fact that I had to run out on the rest of the afternoon.

This is what I changed into for an afternoon of working from home.

These are my jeans that I thrifted this weekend. One of 3 pairs. And I wasn't even looking for jeans! I did put back a Tommy Hilfiger jacket (kicking myself), a pair of black flats (kicking myself), and a black Charter Club sweater... (kicking myself). Note to self. Don't thrift with the husband. You think of all the things that you shouldn't buy. GRRRRR!!!!!

This outfit was pretty inexpensive as most of it was thrifted.

Satin skirt - Worthington thrifted
Striped button down - Foxcroft thrifted (YAY)
White lace teelet - Mia Bellina (won in a giveaway)
Shoes - Payless clearance
Necklace - via Herbergers sale
Sunglasses- Kohls sale

Money spent on the accessories I guess.

Jeans - Lee Heritage thrifted (Sis, check these out!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Rebel Mixin' My Metal

I hate that it is getting dark earlier but it is forcing me to be more creative with my photos. I have a feeling that there will be days when I will just be lazy but the lighting was too much to miss today.

So here you go, this is what I wore today (in lots of pictures!) These pictures are all straight out of the camera taken by me.

This isn't what my outfit started out as this morning. It's better. I wasn't sure where I was headed when I opened my closet this morning. I had some things in mind, but I never decide what to wear the night before as I always change my mind anyways.

Khakis and a nice shirt turned into khakis and some sparkle on my shirt. Then while trying to find a jacket I realized that the sparkly shirt that I had on was too flowy and it wrecked the line of the jacket that I had picked. A shirt change for a slimmer line and I was ready to go out the door in an outfit that I was happier with than what I was thinking I would find on "one of those days" where nothing was jumping out at me.

I'm blurry but the color and the rest of the picture were too pretty too miss.

I would have taken more of the pictures like above but I could hear my neighbor (the owner of the red barn on the other side of those trees) wandering around and I felt a bit silly with my camera timer beep beeping and my flash flashing.

Sis? Do you want to go buy this book now because I am holding it in my pictures?

My sister and I were discussing a shoot with Robert Pattinson in which he was holding a book about sex. My sister took it upon herself to look up the book to find out more about it. She found it listed with a $90 price tag. Was the book worth the price tag, or was it just because it was in the shoot with "ROBERT PATTINSON"?

How do I get into styling?

Chanelesque Jacket - via Target
Black Vneck - Old Navy
Black Shirt - Decree - thrifted
Khaki Cords - via Maurices
Shoes - DSW
Accessories below...

These are all my accessories...
Necklace - via Herbergers
Pin - gifted
Bracelet - via Herbergers
Watch - Fossil via Herbergers
Earrings - Daisy Fuentes via Kohls
Ring - ???

Passionate Fashion - Stripes in the Gap

Glamorous this outfit is not. Glamour definitely was not what was going for. All I could think of was to be comfortable and to make it through. Through what you ask? Aches, chills, fever, nausea... everything flu. Whatever this is, it just won't let go! I had to go to work but I only made it until lunch before I had to go home. I then missed the next two days and was out of it for the weekend too! Ugh! It's A week from when I first got sick and I am still not feeling well. If this is the swine flu you can keep it!

Good thing I found the Gap and Old Navy outlets the day before I got sick. I think my husband would say that I got sick from shopping.

Black Pants - Love them... have had them forever... Worthington via JCPenney I believe
White Tanklet - Victoria Secret
Gray Shirt- Old Navy outlet ($3.00?)
Striped Cardi - Gap Outlet
Necklace - gifted from Mom
Bracelet - Fossil
Boots - Aldo cowboy booties