Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I Wore - Citrus

In college, I had to choose a fruit to create a brand logo around. I chose the lime as my fruit. Does this outfit give me away?

I loved the clean (cool) feel of these THRIFTED Banana Republic white pants paired with this THRIFTED white lace vest, and the lime green silk tank top. The white leaves a clean background for the blinding lime green color and the ruffles (WHAT I AM WEARING RUFFLES?) give the outfit a bit of a fun pop.

I paired my outfit with my teal necklace to add a bit more blue green into the wardrobe.

I finished the look off with these THRIFTED brown/blue strappy heels.

White BR pants - $6.99?
White lace vest - in $4/bag shopping trip
Green tank - $10? via Marshall's
Shoes - $4.99?
Necklace from my mom!

Inspiration of all Kinds

These are a few of the pictures and ideas that inspire me!

These pictures are not my pictures unless noted. I apologize for not crediting people for the use of their pictures. If it is your picture please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

I have found some fun items in my thrifting past. I like to go thrifting once every few weeks (I would go more if money grew on trees.) When I am thrifting I try to buy special items that I wouldn't buy in the store. This allows me to buy items that I MIGHT not wear.
My mom thrifted a few blazers for me including this one...
I thrifted this blazer...
And this white lace vest...
This blue sleeveless shirt...
This bracelet/belt and these boots...

These are a few of my past thrifting finds as I have worn them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Sided Life

When I was changing my header, I realized that you guys really do only see the work/dressier side of me. (Yes this is dressy for me.) I am going to try to be peppering in more posts of my casual wardrobe. Part of the reason that I haven't been doing this in the past is that I have realized recently that I hold items back from wearing in case I want to wear it for "nice" during the week. I often end up in jeans and a "weekend" tee in my non working hours because what if I want to wear that nice shirt for work and it is dirty. Honestly, now that we moved into our new house, the washer and dryer are on the main floor and I find myself doing more laundry.

Does this mean that I need less clothes and should wear the "nice" items more often? I am not sure. I am sensing a transition.

Which do you like better dressing up or casual dressing?

What can I say, I am just a denim girl at heart.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrift Store Purchases to Come

I am still holding out hope to show you my most recent Goodwill purchases. Things are hectic around here with the nice weather, new house, nice weather, and WORK lots of work.

I have so many things on my to do list.
Clean my closet out
Paint a dresser
Finish my Clutch
Get my Sewing machine fixed
Stud some things
Cuff some things

Some of it will have to wait until the weather isn't so nice and finding a suit outfit for work isn't so time consuming. (More of that saga in previous posts.)

Check out my new header and blog layout. (Still more on my to do list.)

What I Wore: Bumble Bumble

This outfit is from a while ago. I forgot about it in my archives. I am trying to upload new pictures tonight, but today has just not been my day. My camera batteries.... yes plural are now both dead. I think I got a few pictures out of my camera before it went out but considering I have nearly 800 pictures on it right now, I am not sure that I got my outfit pics. I will see what else I can find this evening. For now you can see me. The bumble bee version.

Gray shirt - Americas Basics
Yellow shirt - ?
Black Capris - Target
Brown Clutch - Thrifted
Black Fleece - Columbia Jacket liner

This was from BS ( Yeah that would be the right terminology) BS stands for the ominous before suits. I have seen so many inspirational outfits lately and I have not been able to follow the inspiration. I can't make alot of the outfits work under the suit. I can wear what I want for the time of the day that I am at my desk but whatever that is has to look professional enough under my jacket. I have been trying to think of things that way so that I can have a little bit of fun with my clothing but options are limited.

I AM TRYING to make the best of what I am working with. I just HOPE that this isn't what it is going to be like forever.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodwill Hunting

I found some good items at the Goodwill on Tuesday. I hope to get some pics on here soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Sunnies

Sunglasses - FLEET FARM I love it! Rock and Roll

I wear these daily as my job in sales and marketing has me out and about a lot lately.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I scheduled these to post later this week... What went wrong???
Story of my life lately.

Not Enough of a Suit?

Sorry for the 'tude of this post. I wore this to work the other day as a suit. I thought it looked nice and fit the bill. They are gray pinstriped trouser pants, a black suit jacket, a navy blue silky faux wrap shirt, and a white tank top for modesty.

When I wore this to work, I was SHOCKED when my boss told me that I would need to wear suits to work for what I am doing right now. Granted I was not wearing the jacket, but I was wearing my company fleece to keep warm at my desk with the jacket hanging in my car so as not to get crushed at my desk. I thought I was wearing a suit. I did not get the feeling that my boss felt the same way. This is the cause of A LOT of my suit anxiety. I don't feel as though I measure up. I can't.... and WON'T spend mega bucks on suit"S" plural. I bought a really nice one... for shows that I am standing at. (It is cut for an hour glass and not a rectangle. For standing it is AWESOME. For sitting and up and down it is uncomfortable. It cuts me in the wrong place.
I have several suit jackets and several dress pants. I tend to do the mix and match. I had thought that was fine and that I was successful. Really? I am not sure. I will continue on and hope for the best.

These are by the way... THE Gap trousers that I was longing for. I faltered and bought them! I loved them when I wore them. Now due to said story above, I am fearful of wearing them.

Crazy Blue

Green Tee- Target
Belt- Kenneth Cole via Marshall's
Jeans - Maurice's - more than 5 years old
Vest - H & M
Earrings - from my wedding - Claires?
Bracelet- Scarf - Thrift store ($4/bag)
Bag- Same thrift store same deal

Green and Lacy

After Work
Sorry about the mess!

Green Tank- Marshall's
White Lace Vest- Thrifted ($4/bag)
Jeans- American Eagle
Belt- Diesel via Marshall's
Watch - Fossil


Green Tank - Marshall's
Black Suit Jacket- Herbergers
Black Pencil Skirt - Marshall's
Silver Belt - Off of a different shirt
Shoes - Naturalizer