Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I Wore - Citrus

In college, I had to choose a fruit to create a brand logo around. I chose the lime as my fruit. Does this outfit give me away?

I loved the clean (cool) feel of these THRIFTED Banana Republic white pants paired with this THRIFTED white lace vest, and the lime green silk tank top. The white leaves a clean background for the blinding lime green color and the ruffles (WHAT I AM WEARING RUFFLES?) give the outfit a bit of a fun pop.

I paired my outfit with my teal necklace to add a bit more blue green into the wardrobe.

I finished the look off with these THRIFTED brown/blue strappy heels.

White BR pants - $6.99?
White lace vest - in $4/bag shopping trip
Green tank - $10? via Marshall's
Shoes - $4.99?
Necklace from my mom!


Kyla said...

I LOVE this outfit. So chic. The shoes are amazing (THRIFTED?!) and those pants fit you like a DREAM!

Cristina said...

Your heels are cute and that color green is so pretty. I just recently bought a tank that very color.