Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Enough of a Suit?

Sorry for the 'tude of this post. I wore this to work the other day as a suit. I thought it looked nice and fit the bill. They are gray pinstriped trouser pants, a black suit jacket, a navy blue silky faux wrap shirt, and a white tank top for modesty.

When I wore this to work, I was SHOCKED when my boss told me that I would need to wear suits to work for what I am doing right now. Granted I was not wearing the jacket, but I was wearing my company fleece to keep warm at my desk with the jacket hanging in my car so as not to get crushed at my desk. I thought I was wearing a suit. I did not get the feeling that my boss felt the same way. This is the cause of A LOT of my suit anxiety. I don't feel as though I measure up. I can't.... and WON'T spend mega bucks on suit"S" plural. I bought a really nice one... for shows that I am standing at. (It is cut for an hour glass and not a rectangle. For standing it is AWESOME. For sitting and up and down it is uncomfortable. It cuts me in the wrong place.
I have several suit jackets and several dress pants. I tend to do the mix and match. I had thought that was fine and that I was successful. Really? I am not sure. I will continue on and hope for the best.

These are by the way... THE Gap trousers that I was longing for. I faltered and bought them! I loved them when I wore them. Now due to said story above, I am fearful of wearing them.


Kyla said...

That totally sucks! I've had a lot of luck with reasonably priced and stylish suits at Ann Taylor Loft and ESPECIALLY JCPenney. I've never had to wear a suit to work and have always cringed at the idea, so I feel for you. But I know there are great ones out there, so don't give up!

Deborah-lee said...

What do the other women at work wear? You might just have to grin and bear it with some suits for a while til you settle in and work out for yourself what is acceptable or not. I used to work in corporate and we wore suits, but we very rarely wore the jacket other than in and out the door! As long as we had it to pull on if we were seeing a client it was enough to wear a skirt and top (I'm guess for you it's pants though).

It's a bit tricky in summer though when you want to wear cooler fabrics. While I think your trousers look fabulous the cut and length might be a bit too casual for him.

Tina said...

I'm so sorry that you're having a rough time with the suits. Some employers just mean "jacket and slacks" when they say suit, but others really mean "suit." It sounds like your boss wants a traditional suit where the pieces come together.

I've had good luck with inexpensive suits at Marshalls. The good thing is that if you just get a couple of basic suits (like a black and another neutral color) you can wear the same suit over and over and just change your shirts and accessories.

Good luck!