Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today's diy

I am trying to finish up some projects that I am working on. I made my husband 2 shirts. He really has like 3 tshirts that are ok to be worn in public. The rest are NOT ok. Holey worn out garbage. Ick!

One is an iron on transfer that I created the design for in Photoshop. The other is some paint in a cut out freezer paper design. Now I have two more shirts to make for him. What's up next in tshirt design???

I also have a few ideas for onsie designs for baby girl! Those will be out soon.

As for what I am wearing, shorts and a tank top with bare feet or flip flops. Exciting!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life Changes and Priority Changes

I am having the blogger block. Part of the problem is that most of my wardrobe is limited to what fits right now and a lot of the clothes that I thought would fit longer haven't. Although I guess at 7 months pregnant I am doing all right to have made it this far. I have been having a difficult time working through my wardrobe without half of my favorite items. I know we all have favorite items, but some people talk about how they go through their closet often and they get rid of a lot of items. I must admit that although I get rid of a lot of semi recent items, there are MANY items in my closet that I have lived with for years. I am talking more than 10 years. Does that make it a basic? I miss my jeans!!! I have a few pairs that are still hanging in there... better than the pairs of maternity jeans that I have tried. Full panel, YUCK. Demi panel, GRRRR!!! Adjustable backed pants... diaper look alikes AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned to appreciate the body that I used to have. You know when you think you are fat and then you get fat and you see that you were pretty skinny compared to what you are now... that is where I am.

One thing that I have come to appreciate, is a clean, simplified house. In an attempt to get things put together before "Fish" arrives, I have been trying to get rid of things and simplify what I am keeping and organizing the rest. This has been a fun process but at the moment I feel like it is a a stand still. I have gotten rid of and organized a lot but there is so much more I want to tackle and I just can't get it taken care of. Some of the projects are daunting and some of the projects are just being stubborn. (Maybe I am?)

Each day I get up (at whatever time as I am not working... not a good thing either) and I attempt to get something done. Between the hot weather, the good books, the awesome blogs, my laziness, lack of energy, and the overwhelming amount of projects that I have waiting I just don't seem to get much done.

I invited my mom to hang out next week (hubby is out of town for a couple days for work.) hopefully she and I can tackle some of the crafty projects that I want to get done so that I have less on my to do list!

I just want to go thrifting!!!!

Anyone want to come help me weed the losers out of my closet and make it more ME! I try to do this all the time but I can't break the strings.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Blue shrug covered

This outfit was from several weeks ago. I like the mix of the teal and the yellow on top of the black. I miss being able to wear my heels.

Teal Mossimo Shrug - via Target
Yellow Maternity Tank - via Target 
Black Pants - Union Bay via Kohls
Brown Wedges - via Payless

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New items for sale in my Closet!

Passionate Fashion - Tough Pregnant Chick

I got my haircut the other day. I was sooo excited to get my hair cut until they called me 2 hours before my appt to tell me that my hairstylist quit. I was soooo nervous. Someone else cut my hair and it looks fine but I think my stylist would have gotten it closer to what I was looking for. 

I am so glad that a few pairs of my old jeans semi fit. I can't find maternity clothes that work for me. Part of the problem is that the weather is HOT! I am not good with high temperatures and I know that my body is not regulating temperature well at all. 
Most of my clothes lately include a Target maternity tank (which I went to get a few more of and they are all out of!) and a few pairs of shorts that are several sizes larger than my normal size. 

When the weather cools off a little bit, I will have a few more shirts to add into the mix. Now if only I could find some AFFORDABLE shorts and jeans that don't expect you to have a huge butt!
Black Shirt - via Marshall's 
Jeans - Favorite's via American Eagle
Flip flops - via Target
Necklace - via Herbergers
Belt - Michael Kors via Nordstrom's Rack
Bracelet - Fossil via Herberger's
Glasses - via Target
Bag- made by Mom

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Colorful pregnancy?

How is a person supposed to dress this foreign body! These are my h&m maternity capris, be mine matenity tank, target hat, target glasses, target flip flops, and a kensie pretty drapey top thing. Love the technical terms?

Lovely bag you ask? Made by my wonderful mother. This might be one of my favorite items she has made for me. I love it. I love re style, size, shape, colors (red inside), everything!

Anybody have any tips for not looking top heavy while trying not to sweat to death or in my case come close to passing out from heat? I feel like I look like a candied apple on a stick.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Payless Shoe Post

I purchased these shoes a few weeks ago. I can't say enough about how comfortable, walkable, versatile, and cheap these shoes are.

Glad to see that Payless has them in a beautiful pewterish color as well.. I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah.. and the black ones!!!!

I also purchased these shoes. I wish they had more colors but these shoes are super comfortable as well.

These shoes are the next shoes on my list. Does anyone want to buy them for me? 10 or 10W would be great! 

Payless is not paying me to say any of this... although I wish they would! A gift card would be great. 
I have had good luck with Payless shoes when I take my time purchasing them. My only complaint is that they don't always have alot of selection in my size.
To combat that, they do have a nice online selection with $5.99 shipping.

Payless is a smart way to purchase trendy or seasonal shoes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sandals sandals everywhere... why do you hide from me!

These are some fun shoes... the foldover effect that I like along with hot heels, black rocker vibe. Too bad I don't need any heels right now as my back won't allow much use of them.

I have been looking for sandals like these.  I want something more than flip flops but easy to walk in and comfortable. (I can walk days in flip flops.) Every time I find a pair of sandals such as these that I need to try on one of a few things shows up.  1) I HATE that super slippery no traction on top or bottom of these shoes. If your shoes get the LEAST bit wet, you can't walk in them!   2) Most of these shoes look really cute on people with long thin feet. I don't think that I have OVERLY wide feet but they are in proportion with the rest of my athletic at best overweight at worst body. My feet seem to hang over the sides of these shoes most of the time. 3) Back to the wide feet thing, IF my feet fit in the shoes, the straps are often uncomfortable.
I have NOT given up on trying to find a pair of sandals in this catagory, but I do not forsee being able to purchase them online site unseen without a generous return policy.

HOT! These shoes are so damn HOT! I would love to own a piece of Rock and Republic attire. These shoes would fit that craving and desire.
Smart. These shoes are not HOT or FUN or any of those adjectives. These shoes would be the smart choice. Since I cannot say that I LOVE them for what I am looking for, I will continue on with my $7 Target Medallion flip flops.

What do you do for sandals in the summer? What do you wear when you can't, don't, or WON'T wear heels? (Not to be mean, but to those of you who say, " Oh I can't wear heels." Unless you have a medical reason or something similiar, please don't say that you can't wear heels. I am a firm believer that given the correct shoe/heel/heel height, EVERYONE (barring said medical reasoning) can wear heels. I did not start wearing heels until a couple years ago. I then found a pair of shoes in the correct heel height (like 4"!!!!) and was able to walk in them no problem! They are even COMFORTABLE! And... I paid $5 for them. Heels can be done... it just takes time, effort, and a willingness for trial and error.)

Boot lust for no reason... and definitely not in season

Aren't these boots from piperlime gorgeous?

I have been craving a pair of foldover boots for a while now and these would work.

These would be great boots. I have mid calf boots but I don't love the heel on them. I don't know what it is about them but I don't love the look.

These... would be a GREAT replacement. Granted I don't have $400.

These look fun but they don't come in my size.

These are a serious wishlist item.. and NOT overly expensive. I wish these came in my size. My have to track them down.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dressing down

This was before I left my job. I wore this dress to be comfortable. Since I grew up in an area where very few people ever wear dresses, that makes ANY dress dressy in my book. I know there are different levels of dressy but with a position like i was in, a dress was dressy enough. (By the end of the day, I slid jeans on underneath so I could work in the warehouse. Be prepared for anything right?)
A cami covered the cleavage that made this dress a little low cut for the office.
I have been living in this wrap cardigan since I started showing. I feel like I am in the "is she or isn't she" stage and I like to be able to put on this wrap and feel comfortable. I love my growing bump, but it is hard to change a life of habits in a couple months. I have always hidden my stomach as it is my "trouble spot".

Flip flops are life right now! I am having trouble wearing heels due to my back but I can't find any flat sandals that work for me. Most of the really cute sandals... AND there are LOTS out there... are too narrow, too slippery, too tight for my feet. (I went to DSW yesterday with a coupon in hand. I think I tried on MOST of the sandals in the store that were semi dressy, and none of them did what I needed them to. SAD!)