Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dressing down

This was before I left my job. I wore this dress to be comfortable. Since I grew up in an area where very few people ever wear dresses, that makes ANY dress dressy in my book. I know there are different levels of dressy but with a position like i was in, a dress was dressy enough. (By the end of the day, I slid jeans on underneath so I could work in the warehouse. Be prepared for anything right?)
A cami covered the cleavage that made this dress a little low cut for the office.
I have been living in this wrap cardigan since I started showing. I feel like I am in the "is she or isn't she" stage and I like to be able to put on this wrap and feel comfortable. I love my growing bump, but it is hard to change a life of habits in a couple months. I have always hidden my stomach as it is my "trouble spot".

Flip flops are life right now! I am having trouble wearing heels due to my back but I can't find any flat sandals that work for me. Most of the really cute sandals... AND there are LOTS out there... are too narrow, too slippery, too tight for my feet. (I went to DSW yesterday with a coupon in hand. I think I tried on MOST of the sandals in the store that were semi dressy, and none of them did what I needed them to. SAD!)


Taylor said...

You look great in this outfit! I love that dress, it is really unique and cool. Coveting the sweater, too!

Clare said...

LOVE that dress!