Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Colorful pregnancy?

How is a person supposed to dress this foreign body! These are my h&m maternity capris, be mine matenity tank, target hat, target glasses, target flip flops, and a kensie pretty drapey top thing. Love the technical terms?

Lovely bag you ask? Made by my wonderful mother. This might be one of my favorite items she has made for me. I love it. I love re style, size, shape, colors (red inside), everything!

Anybody have any tips for not looking top heavy while trying not to sweat to death or in my case come close to passing out from heat? I feel like I look like a candied apple on a stick.

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Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!!! Dob't worry about being "top heavy"!

Tesla said...

Love the outfit!

as an's nice to see you smiling again. You looked so unhappy for a while.