Thursday, July 15, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Tough Pregnant Chick

I got my haircut the other day. I was sooo excited to get my hair cut until they called me 2 hours before my appt to tell me that my hairstylist quit. I was soooo nervous. Someone else cut my hair and it looks fine but I think my stylist would have gotten it closer to what I was looking for. 

I am so glad that a few pairs of my old jeans semi fit. I can't find maternity clothes that work for me. Part of the problem is that the weather is HOT! I am not good with high temperatures and I know that my body is not regulating temperature well at all. 
Most of my clothes lately include a Target maternity tank (which I went to get a few more of and they are all out of!) and a few pairs of shorts that are several sizes larger than my normal size. 

When the weather cools off a little bit, I will have a few more shirts to add into the mix. Now if only I could find some AFFORDABLE shorts and jeans that don't expect you to have a huge butt!
Black Shirt - via Marshall's 
Jeans - Favorite's via American Eagle
Flip flops - via Target
Necklace - via Herbergers
Belt - Michael Kors via Nordstrom's Rack
Bracelet - Fossil via Herberger's
Glasses - via Target
Bag- made by Mom


Lesa said...

Your hair looks great, but I know what I mean, I told my stylist I would follow her to the ends of the earth! Love the bag your Mom made. My daughters room is that print and lavender. Looks really cool.

Taylor said...

I can't get over how great you look as a pregnant lady. I mean, I was a wreck. My "wedding dress" is the exact same pattern/colors of that bag! Awesome.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I love this bag. you should totally have your mom do a guest post and show how she made it!