Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life Changes and Priority Changes

I am having the blogger block. Part of the problem is that most of my wardrobe is limited to what fits right now and a lot of the clothes that I thought would fit longer haven't. Although I guess at 7 months pregnant I am doing all right to have made it this far. I have been having a difficult time working through my wardrobe without half of my favorite items. I know we all have favorite items, but some people talk about how they go through their closet often and they get rid of a lot of items. I must admit that although I get rid of a lot of semi recent items, there are MANY items in my closet that I have lived with for years. I am talking more than 10 years. Does that make it a basic? I miss my jeans!!! I have a few pairs that are still hanging in there... better than the pairs of maternity jeans that I have tried. Full panel, YUCK. Demi panel, GRRRR!!! Adjustable backed pants... diaper look alikes AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned to appreciate the body that I used to have. You know when you think you are fat and then you get fat and you see that you were pretty skinny compared to what you are now... that is where I am.

One thing that I have come to appreciate, is a clean, simplified house. In an attempt to get things put together before "Fish" arrives, I have been trying to get rid of things and simplify what I am keeping and organizing the rest. This has been a fun process but at the moment I feel like it is a a stand still. I have gotten rid of and organized a lot but there is so much more I want to tackle and I just can't get it taken care of. Some of the projects are daunting and some of the projects are just being stubborn. (Maybe I am?)

Each day I get up (at whatever time as I am not working... not a good thing either) and I attempt to get something done. Between the hot weather, the good books, the awesome blogs, my laziness, lack of energy, and the overwhelming amount of projects that I have waiting I just don't seem to get much done.

I invited my mom to hang out next week (hubby is out of town for a couple days for work.) hopefully she and I can tackle some of the crafty projects that I want to get done so that I have less on my to do list!

I just want to go thrifting!!!!

Anyone want to come help me weed the losers out of my closet and make it more ME! I try to do this all the time but I can't break the strings.

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