Monday, July 5, 2010

Sandals sandals everywhere... why do you hide from me!

These are some fun shoes... the foldover effect that I like along with hot heels, black rocker vibe. Too bad I don't need any heels right now as my back won't allow much use of them.

I have been looking for sandals like these.  I want something more than flip flops but easy to walk in and comfortable. (I can walk days in flip flops.) Every time I find a pair of sandals such as these that I need to try on one of a few things shows up.  1) I HATE that super slippery no traction on top or bottom of these shoes. If your shoes get the LEAST bit wet, you can't walk in them!   2) Most of these shoes look really cute on people with long thin feet. I don't think that I have OVERLY wide feet but they are in proportion with the rest of my athletic at best overweight at worst body. My feet seem to hang over the sides of these shoes most of the time. 3) Back to the wide feet thing, IF my feet fit in the shoes, the straps are often uncomfortable.
I have NOT given up on trying to find a pair of sandals in this catagory, but I do not forsee being able to purchase them online site unseen without a generous return policy.

HOT! These shoes are so damn HOT! I would love to own a piece of Rock and Republic attire. These shoes would fit that craving and desire.
Smart. These shoes are not HOT or FUN or any of those adjectives. These shoes would be the smart choice. Since I cannot say that I LOVE them for what I am looking for, I will continue on with my $7 Target Medallion flip flops.

What do you do for sandals in the summer? What do you wear when you can't, don't, or WON'T wear heels? (Not to be mean, but to those of you who say, " Oh I can't wear heels." Unless you have a medical reason or something similiar, please don't say that you can't wear heels. I am a firm believer that given the correct shoe/heel/heel height, EVERYONE (barring said medical reasoning) can wear heels. I did not start wearing heels until a couple years ago. I then found a pair of shoes in the correct heel height (like 4"!!!!) and was able to walk in them no problem! They are even COMFORTABLE! And... I paid $5 for them. Heels can be done... it just takes time, effort, and a willingness for trial and error.)

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alya said...

Oh, man, this is an issue for me, too! Come situations that aren't heel appropriate, I am never sure what I should be wearing. Granted most of my heels are wedges and therefore casual, but there are times like the boardwalk and Phillies games that even those aren't going to work.

I also cannot bring myself to spend a ton of money on flats of any sort, and especially not ones so insubstantial as sandals. I really like some of the options with a large ankle wrap, though, similar to the grey ones you posted a picture of. I think this entry of yours is pushing me into going to piperlime myself...oh, my poor credit card...hahaha.