Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Money who needs it??!

I am a bad person. I am a bad bad materialistic person! I NEED things sometimes. I feel like they are calling to me! (I also can't go to adopt this dog places! They look so sad and they CALL to me! We would have 20 dogs. Sorry honey. Not that you are reading this anyway.)

I need these boots! They are perfect! PERFECT! Except for that DAMN price tag!

I feel sick that I can't have these. Is that a bad sign? Oh wait, I already admitted to being a sad materialistic person... so can't go no lower.

I NEED these boots!


Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Those are great boots!!! Hope you own them someday :)

Christen said...

I totally feel your pain. If I don't get to go shopping after a few weeks (or days), I literally go through withdrawal. And if I find something I love but can't buy, I think of nothing else and sometimes even dream of it. :)

Kristen said...

Those boots are perfect for your style, no wonder they are calling your name!

Melanie said...

Put this picture away. RIGHT. NOW. :)