Sunday, November 22, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Spotted in a LONNNNNGG scarf

I will tell you this... this scarf.... is not for people under the height of 5'3".

It would drag on the ground for people of that height, but that is because that is how my mom made it! Because I asked her too... and because she is awesome like that. (My mom makes lots of great sewing and knitting items for me!)

Luckily, I am not 5' 3" tall. And when I wear these shoes... I am over 6 feet tall. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

This outfit is a product of utilizing more of the items in my closet. I am trying to make it that I wear the items in my closet more often or that they leave! It's all part of my attempt at a more simplistic lifestyle.

Cardigan - via Marshall's
Khakis - Ann Taylor Loft
Gray Tee - Mossimo via Target
Shoes - via DSW
Black Jacket - Merona via Target (clearance $4?)
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshall's
Scarf - made by Mom

I am trying to focus more on loving the items that I have and that I buy. This ensures that I will get more wear out of them. And hopefully save money, learn what to buy, and be happier with what I have!

The cardigan was one of my favorites last year and I am excited to get more wear out of it this year. The pants are a much worn favorite. The tee is a layering basic for me. The jacket (not my outerwear jacket as I believe I wore my leather jacket outside... WHAT you say? You wore your leather jacket? I know, I cannot believe it either. (Teehee, ok. I wear it all the time other than when I am dog walking. ((Oops, I think I wore it dog walking two posts back.. shhhhh!!!)))

As an aside, I am very proud of my leather coat. Not only do I look great in it... I know don't I? (teehee conceded?) But I am definetely getting "the" money's worth out of it. Can't say my as I didn't buy it.

Lifestyle Change Status-
Something bad for this lifestyle but that I am not giving it up, is this thrift store by my parents! They sell shoes for 50 cents, clothes $4 for a brown grocery bag, other miscellaneous items in the bag or tagged for next to nothing. I leave with bags of things each trip. Sometimes I spend $10 sometimes $25 every once in a while $40. It is great!!! I love that each time I go there seems to be something that I am suuuuper excited about. The downside to this, is that there are a lot of items coming in whenever I go.

To combat this, I wash everything immediately and try to put it to use that week. If I haven't loved it or have a plan to love it in a few weeks, back out it goes. When you spend pennies for it, it isn't as hard to let it go. Sure beats the feeling of buyer's remorse you get from plunking down moocho money on an item and not being able to return it for some reason and then not wanting to let it go.


Kristen said...

Rock on with your long scarf! I love wearing items that celebrate being tall. I love towering over people in my heels, too!

Anonymous said...

I love that cardigan! So cute and unexpected! Thanks for the comment on my page! :)