Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Grown Up

Sometimes it is difficult to realize that you are all grown up. I have been working in a new position for the past several months and I have tried to make do with my wardrobe by adding some trousers and dress shirts. For my last job I wore jeans and button downs or simple shirts. Anything more than that and we were considered overdressed for what we did. I just had to look nice enough.
I enjoyed dressing up my jeans. I found that it was fun to see what kind of outfits I could make out of the different fits of jeans and different shirts. Accessories became my friend and I learned to make jeans and a shirt look a lot more spicy. I had trouble accessorizing with shoes as the work that I did entailed a lot of on my feet work and on some difficult terrain from time to time. Open toes were a total no no. What fun would that be.
In my current position, I have found that I need to spend more time in dress clothes than I ever thought I would. Yesterday, I buckled. I have some dress pants and some blazers but yesterday I bought a suit. I had a semi suit from when I graduated from college but it didn't have lapels so even though it looks nice and can pass as a suit it doesn't seem like a full suit. I got this suit on sale at Macy's it was originally $280.00 I paid $140.00. I could have gotten an additional percentage if I had opened a card but I am trying not to open anymore cards right now.

I can't wait to wear my suit as a "grown up".

Any suggestions as to what to wear underneath my suit coat?

I also got some great dresses on clearance from Marshall's. I will try to post some pictures of them later.

My other adventure was to buy some no slip small profile hangers to try to get my closet under control. Since we are renting for a short amount of time, I don't want to go into permanent closet remodeling mode but I need a more usable closet.

Tahari by ASL Black Shadow-Striped Pant Suit

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