Monday, January 19, 2009

Need to Shop

I feel like I have the need to shop. I keep telling myself that I am going to follow some of the other bloggers who "shop their closet" instead of going out and buying new things. I find that I have 8 million excuses for why I can't or shouldn't stick with this no shop philosophy. Just look at my shopping this weekend. You can see several of the purchases in the previous posts.
One of my excuses is that I need to update my wardrobe for my job. Part of that is the truth. My last position and college before that did not quite make for the best professional wardrobe. That probably shouldn't be an excuse anymore since I probably have a good start on a professional wardrobe.

My next excuse can be that I need to build a shoe wardrobe. My shoe choices are not normally all that work appropriate. I do pick some that are work appropriate but alot of time I pick the funky shoes. My husband tends to think that I have horrible taste in shoes but I think that people (women) who like shoes probably sympathize with me.
I ran across these shoes on this blog.

I think that I need some new shoes.
Do these count as work shoes? Or these? Or these? Or these? How about these?

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