Monday, January 26, 2009

"Dress" your body

Are you someone who tries EVERYTHING on in the store? Do you just hope that it will look right? Do you end up returning a lot of what you buy? Since I have gained some weight, I have become a fan of trying everything on and making sure that I love the way I look in something. Sometimes I think those store mirrors lie. I bought 3 dresses the other day after trying on about 8 others. I loved the way each dress fit me in a different way and would work for different applications.

I want to show what different dresses can mean for a body with a few "opportunity" areas.

Dress #1 covers some of the problem areas and without the belt drapes softly. This dress could be considered a fun dress to hang out in. This dress doesn't show the body shape underneath but because of the shapelessness, it can make a person look bigger unless you are careful.

Dress #2 a wrap dress can be a great option for a person with a little extra meat on their bones. The dress ties at the waist creating a sleek look . The black in the edging creates a vertical line throughout the outfit by drawing the eye up and down. The pattern isn't too large or two small. The color combination makes the dress pop.

Dress #3 The solid color of this dress and the cut of this dress make it a flattering choice. There is no excess fabric making the body look larger than it is. The belt highlights the smallest part of the body. This dress would work for a work function. A blazer coat with a fun necklace would create a great outfit for an after hours work event.

This dress makes a girl feel good about her body the way it is. Extra pounds and all.

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Kyla said...

I like all 3. The first one is definitely more of a casual look. You can pretty much NEVER go wrong with a wrap dress. But, I LOVE the third one. The color is great and the fit is SUPERB! You look totally hot in it!