Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday of a long week for no reason

The shirt is from JCPenneys. The tank is a striped purple tank from Old Navy. The jeans are from Kohls... Miss Sixtys (they look much cuter with heels but I was lazy. This is why people shouldn't roll their jeans.) The shoes are helly hanson's and they reflect!

Yeah.. This has been one of the longest week and I don't really even have a reason. Mainly I can't get any motivation to get any of the things that I should be getting at done which then makes me feel guilty.

For part of the day I had to wear a suit today and hopefully I will have that pic tomorrow as it is on someone else's camera.
I thought I would share what I wore to run some errands after work. I want to put out a disclaimer that I went to Petco and Michael's and to walk the dog. Please don't laugh at the outfit. Second disclaimer. It is VERY sloppy as it is melting some of the snow with this tropical 30 degree weather we are having. Yes I said tropical for 30 degrees F. I HATE -20 degree F weather. HATE IT! Unless I can stay snuggled up in bed. Then it is just fine.

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