Monday, September 14, 2009

I've been busy...

I was lucky enough to be the photographer for my sister in law's gorgeous wedding. (HUGE thanks to my sis for backing me up and getting the shots that I missed!)

I must admit that I was very nervous as I have NEVER shot a wedding before. I learned a lot and wish this had been my fifteen millionth wedding as I could have done a lot better but it was gorgeous and I think I caught some good shots!

Congrats J and D!

This is why umbrellas are fashionable! The bride was worried (WHAT! NEVER!) that is might rain so she requested a last minute shopping trip to get one. My sister and I took a while trying to decide which one would fit Jess (the bride). At the last minute my sister pointed out that there was ANOTHER rack of umbrellas. I saw this one and thought of Jess immediately. I hope she liked it because I loved it and it was perfect for the beautiful sunny day. Every bride needs a sun umbrella on her day. Especially a $12 Target one!

I think the umbrella MADE some of the pictures.

Sorry.. these are not edited yet. And yes. We did take some "formal" pictures.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great (even without the editing)!! I think you make a wonderful photographer!

And I love the umbrella... very smart idea on her part too. Glad it wasn't needed though (other than for the picture). =)

Christen said...

What beautiful pictures! And I love the umbrella idea! It looks like you guys are having loads of fun :) That makes the best pictures!

Jess said...

Jenna! I love the pictures I have seen soo far! You did a rockin job! You and Mel did more than I could have asked!