Saturday, September 26, 2009

Explaining my absence...

This is what I have been wearing everyday pretty much.. a variation of this outfit.

Tshirt - Old Navy (remix)
Shorts - DIY jean shorts

It hasn't hit fall here. (Well as I am typing this it is raining and chilly for the first time!) I am not wishing fall to come sooner as I know I will miss the warm weather as soon as it leaves, but I have a lot of fun fall clothes that I would like to wear. 80 degrees is too warm to dress up to walk the dog and spray paint things. (Two things I have been doing almost daily.) I mean I have boots to remix and a leather jacket to try out. I have trends to test on me.

Hopefully I will get a job soon so I can quite this lazing around, doing what I want to do, getting a work out in, and you know generally being happy. Just kidding. I have my fingers crossed over a job that I am waiting to hear back from. I would love to try my hand at what they have in mind for the position. Oh well... I am not in TOO big of a hurry to leave this life of lazing behind.

Oh yeah. I am jealous of all you girls that are not an apple shape. I have seen so many things that I would love to try but they just don't work on my shape. I am not trying to complain as most days I like to dress me but there are days when I want to borrow some of you girls as my mannequin. Maybe I should try my skills as a stylist? Nah, I think I would LOVE to be a personal shopper though. Anyone want to pay me for my services? I promise I can do better on you than me as I have mental blocks that won't allow me to leave the house when I don't feel like me.

Oh well... back to work. So many things I WANT to do... so little time to lounge around and procrastinate.

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Christen said...

Hang in there! Something great is just around the corner :) And I've found that doing closet consultations for friends and friends of friends is a great way to start as a personal shopper. I have done several and I love doing them!