Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Cargo G

I have so many clothes and I do the I don't have anything to wear a lot of the time. My husband complains that I have too many clothes, and I do have a lot of clothes but then again I don't get rid of clothes unless they don't fit or I don't like them anymore. Saying that, I must have good taste. I have a lot of the same clothes that I wore as say a sophmore in high school on up.

I may have 30 pairs of jeans (no I didn't count, that's a ballpark) but that is because many of them have been in my collection for YEARS! I don't often WEAR my clothes out and I take good care of the clothes that I have because hmmm since I have had them that long, I must like them!

I have special clothes for my pursuits that aren't as kind to clothes. If I know I am going to be doing something like walking, I dress for walking. I don't wear my good clothes for that stuff.

Now that I am learning what works for me and what items I LOVE, I have a lot less misses in my purchases. I feel that is learning and growing.

I shop not because I need items, but because I love the challenge of making something I love work in my wardrobe.

I have had these cargo pants for YEARS! I haven't worn them a lot, I can never make them feel RIGHT. I thought that rolling them up might help.

What do you think? Is my outfit fun or spastic? This is pushing the boundaries for me. I love to see the eclectic outfits that fellow bloggers come up with and yet I feel that I have to (because I like to) match.

Black Button down - Foxcroft via Nordstrom's (never ironed!)
Gray Cargos- ???
Gunmetal Shoes - Target
Yellowish Green top - Old Navy
Belt - Guess via Marshall's
Necklace- Herbergers

What would you classify this outfit as?


just my style said...

You look fantastic! I think your style has tranformed and matured a great deal in the short time I have followed you blog! BRAVO!

I mean that in a nice complimentary way...I hope you take it that way.That is my goal that I set for myself when I started my blog, and I think it is neat to see other people grow in a "fashion sense". Have a great day!

Christen said...

Oh, trust me, when you realize that things don't have to match anymore, it will be so much easier to take full advantage of your wardrobe! I still have to remind myself of it though :)

Honeybunches of Roses said...

adding a pump will always made the look a bit more fancier, if you had this same look but in flip flops or flats, it would be more casual.

I would wear this to work :)

Dina's Days said...

I like it a lot. At first I thought you had on a long cardigan, but I like that it's a button down...creative!

blackdog finds said...

Fun- I love the belted look! And the middle picture of the textures together? So artfully arranged and beautifully photographed!

eednic said...

i'm not good with adjectives to classify outfits! but this is chic and totally cute. totally.

i have way too many clothes too, methinks. i've gotten better about the "i don't have anything to wear!" thing since starting the blog, however. i think it's because i follow so many others and see how they handle their clothes and i become inspired. so nowadays, anytime i can't think of something to wear, you'll find me logging on and looking around!

San Francisco Stylephile said...

Good for you for mixing it up! Styling an outfit should always be fun! :)

Elaine said...

I love the rolled up cargo pants! I think they make the outfit casual but the dressy shoes make it look more chic! Love it!

Girl said...

I LOVE the shoes!

Nerdic.. said...

I like the necklace!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit!! I completely agree with you... once you figure out what works best for you and how you can work creativity into your outfits (and pull it off... which you can definitely do), getting dressed is so much more fun and easier. =)

Oh.. and i have the same complaint over here with the clothes from the bf. LOL