Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More with Less?

I have been reading the interviews over here from the Project 333 people.
The first link is to the interviews of Project 333 members. The second link is to the rules of Project 333.

How much do we need to live with?

I am not saying that I am in line with the Project 333 people because I am not. I am just looking into the way what they are doing is affecting my thinking and life. I have mad respect for those who can and do live with 33 items.

I have been talking and thinking lately about how many things we need in our lives. As a new mom, I realize that most of my time is going to taking care of my little girl. I also realize that I spend A LOT of time putting things away.

My closet... minimal... NO!
Due to breastfeeding, I have been limiting my wardrobe quite severely. I have so many items that I love that I don't want to ruin. In doing this, I am realizing how many items I have that I don't even wear and how many items I have built up as a work wardrobe. I realize that a lot of people cross items into work/casual/play categories and I do this somewhat but at the same time, I don't have much need for dress pants when I am not working. I also can't normally get away with jeans in my work life. I will admit that I am a denim girl at heart. If I had the opportunity, I would live in denim 80-90 percent of the time. In the summer I need some shorts (I am not as in love with jeans shorts) and there are a few days here and there where I want to dress up a bit more but the majority of the time I don't wear anything other than my jeans. To me, that means that I should look into downsizing the other non denim clothes in my life (for now, as I am not working).
At some point I am sure I will go back to work, so my question is, do I keep said dress clothes? I apparently don't buy too many FAD clothes as most of the dressy clothes that I have are already several years old. I have pants that I purchased in high school that I still wore for work this last year. Do I keep them? Sell them? Store them? Do I try the box them up out of sight for a certain amount of time and see if I need them?

I have been feeling really good about getting rid of the excess items in my life. I have a LONG way to go and I don't think I will ever have a clutter free life. (I love to many creative outlet hobbies.) If I were honest about it though, I could get rid of a lot of hobby items too as they don't get the love that they should either. Once a year for a pair of ski boots? Once a year for a baseball bat? A volleyball? They sit in a bright red garbage can in the garage the rest of the time. I am going to call them decoration. My husband calls them, "in the way".

Part of this declutter thinking has lead me to more thoughts about what I purchase... I will be posting about this soon.

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Fashion Therapist said...

I have a problem to hanging on to things that I probably shouldn't be hanging on to. Being a minalimist is definitely easier said than done.