Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wanting what you don't have

The battle always rages. The skinny girl wants curves to fill out her clothing better. The curvy girl would like to be able to wear a low cut... or NOT low cut shirt without it looking overtly sexy.

The heavy set girl thinks that EVERYTHING looks good on a skinny girl. The boyish shaped girl thinks that everything looks better on a body with some meat on it.

I know there are days where I would love to trade in my body for one that doesn't show cleavage without even trying. I would love to dress without worrying about that. Something that is low cut on my bodacious boobage would look modest and prim on someone not sporting DD or DDD's.

Images via Fashion Bananas (BEAUTIFUL GIRL! ) and Victoria Secret.
While cute on them, these would be indecent on me!

Most days I embrace the curves and dress them to their best. It makes it easier when I know that my husband digs them but, (sigh) fashion is not made for those of us with a large bust line. Models on the runway don't even have bug bites to cover!

It is nice to see shows like Mad Men embrace the curvier figure. Are there any shows that you can think of that are in a modern setting that embrace a curvier girl?

What curvy girls do you like from TV? Movies? Fashion? I need some inspiration please!


Kristen said...

Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) on Grey's Anatomy has fantastic clothes. She works the thin leather jackets so well, and she had a couple of interview dresses recently that were killer.

She's not curvy or large, but I also love the comfortable way Tina Fey dresses on 30 Rock.

Kerri said...

OMG, I think youre gorgeous the way you are. You do know that some women would, and actually do pay large sums of money for boobs like yours! :)

Anonymous said...

i think kim kardashian is gorgeous and she knows how to rock her curves.

Velo said...

haha i love to read your words...
i love hayden pannetiere, she is curvy but cute. =)
and megan fox, she is curvy but sexy =)