Thursday, October 8, 2009


I got the job so I bought myself new shoes! I LOVE them.

Cute with:
Boyfriend jeans and a vneck tee

Cute with:
A pencil skirt and a button down

They are both comfortable and they will be fun shoes for the fall and winter. I am so excited to mix these into my wardrobe. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about shoes for winter as I wanted something other than my calf length boots and my cowboy boots. I am so excited to wear my shoes.

Thanks DSW for the coupon!


eednic said...

congrats on getting the job!!! what a great way to celebrate.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

awesome, awesome-congrats on both (shoes and the job!)

Dylana said...

Love these shoes!

Lovely blog!

WILDasaMINK said...

Congratulations on the job! And on these awesome shoes you treated yourself to! They're lovely.

Londyn said...

Great shoes! Very diva ;)

Kristen said...

OOOOOOH. The zippered ones are too high for me so I will enjoy them vicariously through you, but those ruffled booties...WANT. WAAAAAAAANT.

Congrats on the job too! Hope it is going well.