Monday, October 5, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Cool Blue

Can you tell what my new favorite item is?
If you guessed my leather jacket then you are RIGHT!
With the weather change, I have had the chance to wear some of my closet that I haven't gotten to wear for a while. I am glad about the extra clothes but I am not happy with the DRASTIC change in the weather. We went from mid 70's and 80's to 50's. BRRRR!!! Minnesota has a sick sense of humor. I knew that would happen though. That is why I couldn't wish for the hot weather to go away.

Leather Jacket - JCPenney and Mom
Jeans - American Eagle (such a favorite that I made my husband purchase me a second pair off Ebay last Christmas for $9!)
Tshirt - Old Navy
Sweatshirt Cardigan - American Eagle Stadium Cardigan (clearance - I have it in orange too!)
Boots - Target (thrifted $5)
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshalls

Happy Birthday to my nephew Aaron! Big 8 today!


Christen said...

The weather here has been jumping from one extreme to another too. It's so frustrating - I never know how to dress.

And those boots are awesome! You find the best thrifted pieces :)

blackdog finds said...

Love the boots (and the poochie in the background)!