Saturday, October 10, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Out of My Bubble Confusion

Ok... I tried something out of my bubble... WHAT with jeans?

I tried something that I have never tried before and I must say I am unsure of the results. Its not that I don't think it looks alright because I think it looks kinda cute but I must say that I am still unsure of the results for me.

What's so crazy and out of my comfort zone? I paired boots over the top of skinny jeans with a dress as a tunic.

This is nothing earth shattering for the fashion world or probably most of my readers but I had a really hard time with this outfit. I almost changed before I left the house. (Husband and I went to a movie etc..) As we were driving down the driveway, I was already thinking that I wanted to go back and change. I wouldn't admit that as I know my husband does not completely get my fashion and shopping as hobbies.

I started out as just thinking that I wasn't going to be comfortable. Yeah right a sweater dress, some jeans, and boots. Excuse one knocked out.

I think I just didn't feel like me, or more importantly, the me that I want to portray. The me that I want the world to see.

I like people to think that I am a tough, pulled together, sleek, professional person. For some reason this outfit did not make me feel those things. I started to get a little anxious about running into someone I know. (Not that likely as we are new to the area and headed a little ways from home.) I just did not like the vibe I was sending out. Why? I am still not completely sure what bothered me but I am not sure I will be trying this again.

By the way, I tried on SEVERAL pairs of boots to find ones that I was ok with.... somewhat. I am NOT lacking in boots! I think these made this outfit a bit more tough????? Or they made me look more balanced in my eyes? Not sure!

Jacket- Worthington via JCPenneys
Sweater - via American Eagle on clearance
Sweaterdress - thrifted or clearance
Jeans - Express via Marshalls
Boots - thrifted
Belt - Mossimo thrifted
Bracelet - Fossil via Herbergers
Watch = Fossil

Sorry about the pics. It SNOWED today! Ick!


Anonymous said...

funny how blogging inspires you to try things that put you out of the comfort zone. i know how you feel. snow, def ick!

Kyla said...

I think you look pretty bad ass! You should definitely try this out again!

Tina said...

I always looks at the pics before I read the actual blog post and my first thought was "Wow she looks badass." I'm sorry that you didn't like the result, but it's always good to try new things, even if they aren't a success. However, I think you should def try this again b/c I think you look great!

Kristen said...

I think you look pretty badass, too. LOVE the boots, jeans and jackets, but to be honest, I'm not crazy about the dress hiked up as a tunic. Maybe it was the placement of the belt that threw you off? It might have felt more comfortable if the tunic was actually a little longer.

But oh, those BOOTS. I am jealous.