Sunday, October 11, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Get my jeans on

Black Tshirt- Daisy Fuentes via Kohls
Tank top - New York and Co
Jeans - American Eagle
Belt - via Target
Purse - Liz Clairborne via Herbergers
Boots- BCBGirl via DSW
Necklace - antiqued?
Bracelet- Fossil via Herbergers
Earrings - via Herbergers

Wore this the other day. Husband and I went and bought shoes to celebrate my getting my job. Stopped at the Yamaha dealer to order atv parts, ate Chipotle, bought shoes.

When I wear these boots I click/clunk... loudly. They are wood heels with rubber padding. They still clunk. It drives my husband nuts or so he says I think he secretly likes that I can't sneak up on him.

Hair... needs to be longer or shorter. And less gray. (You can't see it cause I color it!)


Anonymous said...

cute layering and i love that necklace. don't feel bad, i am mostly gray and fight it!

Kyla said...

I was totally loving your hair and then I find this is your in between length?! I still love it!