Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American Eagle... Yes PLEASE

I will admit that I have several items from American Eagle that I have had for YEARS... winter coat.

A teal and blue plaid hooded bundle of wool goodness... which is dry clean only and I spilled ketchup on this weekend. Thankfully not the carpet in my truck but come on!

My FAVORITE pair of jeans. I have purchased this pair again on ebay because they don't sell it again. As I am wearing both of those pairs out (holes galore) I need to find me another pair (and the money to buy them!)

Three more of my semi favorite pairs of jeans. Yes out of 20-30+ pairs of jeans I own about 4-5 pairs of AE jeans. I don't think I own more than 2 of any other brand.

A tshirt that I thrifted, a bracelet and a sweatshirt that I was gifted round out my AE love items that have survived YEARS!

Next item needed.... these boots.... santa... are you listening??? Reading???


               Neeeddddd boots!
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FB @ said...

I've never gotten boots from AE, but is the quality good? :)

I find that the higher you pay in price for leather boots and goods, the better they tend to be, unless you don't plan on wearing them during rain, snow or sleet..

Passion4Fashion said...

I have never bought AE boots either. I tend to have one or two pairs that I pay more for and a few that I don't so I don't care as much if I kill them. I tend to have two lives. My dress up look nice life where I stay on the pavement and my outdoors moving around I live on a dirt road life. I need to have clothes for both. That is why my clothes last. I take care of the things that I am worried about and save them for when I know I will be able to keep them nice.

Melanie said...

I have a pair of AE booties! I haven't worn them yet. They're pretty cute, but I ordered them online not realizing they have a rather odd wood sole. I'll try them one of these days and let you know how they are. ;)

Melanie said...

I own a pair of AE boot(ies) but I have yet to do more than try them on. They're cute, and I got a great deal on them online. When they arrived, I was surprised that they have a kind of odd wood sole. Odd, but not so odd that I wanted to return them... I should wear them soon and let you know what I think. :D