Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moroccan Oil

Has anyone tried this Moroccan Oil hair treatment? I LOVE anything that smells like coconut and I was wondering if it works for anyone! I would love to try this stuff but I am too chicken to order it!


Rebecca said...

I've used Moroccan Oil. I have longer hair, and it does a good job of protecting my hair when I blow dry it. Right now I'm using DermOrganic oil, which is similar and quite a bit cheaper, but doesn't smell as good as the MoroccanOil.

Allison said...

Moroccan Oil is mainly just silicone (which should NOT cost that much!). If you love the smell of coconut why not try coconut oil on your hair? Coconut molecules are one of a very few, maybe the only, natural oils molecules that are small enough to fit inside the hair shaft, where it does the most good. And it's 100% natural and way cheap. You can eat it too!