Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Brown Sweater Pink Vest

I don't know that there is much passionate about my fashion lately. I am not in the mood for my winter clothes... I see all you ladies wearing cute light cardigans and 3 quarter length sleeves. I must admit that I am cold every day. The only plus side is that I can dress in anything I want other than jeans. I have a lot of semi casual clothes.

Brown Sweater - Merona via Target (clearance)
Purple Tank - Sweet Nothings via Walmart
Khakis - Maurices
Vest - thrifted Prospirit
Necklace - Target
Grey Booties - Madden Girl via DSW


Kyla said...

Oh, girl ... I feel your pain. It's getting harder and harder to deal with the winter. And the weather just seems to be getting worse! Ugh.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

the best thing you can do is add a pop of color...that burst of color from your vest is great plus the sparkle of your necklace adds a bit more.

As long as you feel good, that's all it matters.

Nishant said...

what a fab look
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