Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Grayyyyy and Green

I have to say that I LOVE Foxcroft button downs. I am now the proud owner of 4 of them. I purchased two full price. A mind boggling price of more than $40 but less than $60 each. I have a hard time finding button downs that work for my bust (and am WAY to lazy to find and use a tailor) so I was willing to pay. I have since thrifted a blue striped one and this green striped one. I love them. I never have to iron them.

As you can tell, a lot of these pictures are rather old (the long hair should be the giveaway). I will try to be better about taking some pictures since it is lighter later and a warm spell of temps in the high 20's and 30's for this week.

Gray Pants - Maurices
Gray Sweater - Target
Green Shirt - Foxcroft thrifted
Bracelet - DIY tshirt with stars
Earrings - via Herbergers
Necklace - won Silpada


Taylor said...

I love grey and green together! It's the second grey + green post I've seen this evening. Perhaps I'll throw together a grey + green ensemble for later on this week...

Christina Lee said...

I usually wear green and brown together but I like how this looks- will try it!

Worried Wayne said...

Look, I couldn't help but notice that you seem to have a bandage of some sort upon your wrist. This concerns me deeply. Are you injured? Is it serious, and how did this happen? Will it inhibit your blogging in the future? (I understand that these photos are some weeks old now, but a recurring injury is entirely plausible). Also, I think it admirable that you have embellished your bandage, bravely maintaining your style in the face of pain.
Another query of mine is in reference to the exact pricing of your button down Foxcroft shirts. Less than $55 dollars would seem an acceptable price for such a wonderful piece of tailoring, however you did not specify the exact price between 40 and 60. I think $58 dollars would be somewhat overpriced.

From a deeply concerned follower.

Nefertiti,deesse NiLuNoah adoratrice d Aton said...

tres jolie association de couleurs ;O)

Mode Devoted said...

Just came across your blog for the first time and i have actually never thought of green and grey together but it really works so wanted to say thank you for inspiring me :) amazing!

by the way have you heard of the new fashion website called You should make a profile on it! I was reading your information and it seems like you might like it! i dont work for it or anything just think its quite cool

Check out my blog! Im trying to get a few more followers, so if you have time please add me :) just followed you and looking forward to seeing more posts

Also do you have a stand/tripod to take your pics? They look great. Or does someone take them for you? Im thinking I should invest in one.

ps love your stlye

Hannah xx

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

SarahAnn said...

Hi! Just letting you know I officially moved the Lipstick List over to my new website I know you were following The Lipstick List, so you can now get life and style updates through