Friday, June 11, 2010

Maternity Clothes

I hate maternity clothes. I have been trying to find stuff that I like and can wear. I LOVE Target maternity tanks tops and some of their shirts, but I don't like ANYTHING for pants. I have a pair or two that I am struggling through with but I also combine that with some of the bands and some of the belt trick items. Nothing works for me otherwise. What do you do at 8 and 9 months????

Thanks for the heads up for clothes shopping. We have a Once Up a Child but they don't sell maternity clothes. I had read on forum to go there so I drug my husband along and they didn't have a single thing!


Kendra said...

Try ebay for maternity pants!!

Taylor said...

That sucks! We have two here and they both sell maternity stuff. How about Old Navy? Our in-store selection wasn't that great but I scored oodles of great stuff online. You can always find a promo code for online purchases too. I also know our Ross carries maternity... not sure about TJ Maxx/Marshall's but that might be worth looking into. And there's always eBay!