Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still out here....

So my computer crashed, work stinks, the weather is gorgeous, and apparently I am "nesting". I just want to go around my house and clean everything up. I want to go through things and get rid of them. I want to finish up projects that I started. I want to get things ready for baby. Even though SHE isn't due until October. I just know that I will not get any of the things done that I want to and then I will lose my motivation. That just makes me want to cry.

I have pictures to share when my computer is running again but I am trying not to spend money so a crashed computer is putting a kabosh on a lot of things!!!!!!!

Damn hormones.... I just want to CRY!


alya said...

Don't cry! I know you're feeling frustrated and probably overwhelmed, but things will be ok. October is still some time away and things will sort themselves out in the meantime.

If nothing else, enlist the hubby to be your personal slave. It's the least he can do, considering he doesn't have to carry the baby around!

Kayla said...

Hang in there. We'll all be here when you get up and running!
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