Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Do you ever have enough pairs of sunglasses? In the previous 4? posts, I am wearing 3 different pairs of glasses. The white and black ones... were eaten. The metal aviators are a little bent but wearable. The black with BLING glasses are alive and kickin'. The black ones were are my new replacement pair. I will try to get a picture soon. Oh Fleet Farm. How can I not love that you have rockin' glasses for about $15!


Lydia said...

I probably have owned more sunglasses in my life than any other single item (okay, well, maybe not more than pairs of shoes...).

I lose them roughly 2.2 days after I buy, I stick with CHEAP pairs at Wal-Mart...Had I not done this, my college fund would have been depleted. :)

Honeybunches of Roses said...

great find on the sunglasses. I use to be sunglasses obsessed I had to stop because it was getting ridiculous. However I am lurking of pair of ED Hardly sunglasses "Meddusa" sunglasses to be exact and I can't stop looking at the web page.

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