Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thrift Jacket Exploration

How many suit jackets fit in a paper bag?
My mother thrifted these suits for me the other day. I was crying.. YES crying over the fact that I now have to wear a suit to work daily. Since I made the move to our new area, I have been slowly (and quickly lol) adding city appropriate clothing to my closet. With the new workload that I have, not a promotion (no raise or title), I will now be required to wear suits daily. I HATE suits. I know they can work, but I struggle with them to no end. I have problems with lengths of pants and jackets. I have problems with rise of pants. I have problems with sagginess of pants. I have problems with buttons on jackets. I have problems with locked and loadedness of items under said jacket.

I struggle to find mix and match suits that fit that look nice together (and apparently that look professional enough). I struggle to find all together suits that fit me. I am a 10/12 on bottom when low rise. I am a 14/16 on bottom when high wasted. I am at least a 16/18 through the chest and I am somewhere inbetween everywhere else. I know the answer is to find something and tailer it but honestly I never take the time. I have every good intention but I don't so let's just leave it.
I hate suits. I feel more pulled together in a blazer and jeans. Why can't business be conducted in clothes like that? Do suits make you feel pretentious? Do they make you feel like the people you meet think you look down on them in their casual clothes? Do they make you look like you are playing dress up in your mother's clothes?

I HATE SUITS! Granted I can handle wearing them once in a while but EVERYDAY? I feel like I want to cry.

All the clothes that I have bought are basically garbage as I don't dress business casual on weekends. I do like to mix in some pieces but I have more than I can ever wear on weekends. Dressier is just not fitting for my casual weekend lifestyle.

Ok off the rant...
My mom thrifted me these suits so that I would have some options on what to wear. I am not sure about any of them. I think the black one feels big... anyone opinions? I think the middle one is great but since I can't button it does it count as a suit? The third one is too small. I don't think I can circle my shoulders.
Sorry mom I didn't take pics of the eighties jacket. I am a bit afraid of it honestly.
Let me know what you guys think. PLEASE!

Jacket One: A bit big?
Jacket Two: Won't button but still like it
Jacket Three: Toooooo small!?

What do you guys think?


LeeHovey said...

I think non of them fit quite right. The first appears to physically fit, but the style is not the most flattering on you.

I think if you have to wear them everyday it would be worth investing a little money and time in it so that you can feel comfortable. Instead of buying complete suits, I would say find 2-3 pairs of dress pants that fit perfect. (A black pair, a gray pair and maybe a pair with a slight pinstripe). Then find jackets in the right style and perfect fit that will be able to mix and match with the bottoms you bought. You don't even have to stick to tradition suit materials. Try things like cotton, and linen. You can also try different shapes like elbow length sleeves, and no-collar shapes.

The key to jackets is finding the style that flatters your body type. There are so many kinds! You have to consider things like: number and placement of buttons, size of lapels, overall length.

Sher said...

LeeHovey says it so much better than I could.

Out of the 3 pictures I like the one you can't button the best. You could buy a pretty blouse and a colored skirt and still keep that jacket. There is no rule that says you have to have a jacket button up. Some times it's purpose is to accent. I've seen it on fashion TV.

Taylor said...

I like number two the best. I'm sorry you have been relegated to suits! I always feel so rigid when I put one on... which is like never.