Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Notice anything?

Notice anything different?  Well first thing would be that I CHOPPED my hair. I have always wanted to be able to spike my hair. I LOVE PINK! Now I am able to spike it... sorta! I am so glad I did it as I always wanted to do it but I am thinking I will be growing my hair out again after this.

Second to notice... notice a belly? It's not really prominent but its there. My husband and I are expecting our first baby!

This will probably go along way to explaining where I have been lately. I have been SICK!

Jacket - Relativity via Herbergers
White Capris - H & M maternity
Gray Shirt - New York & Co.
Tank - Old Navy
Shoes - Dollhouse via TJMaxx

I will say sorry in advance, there is going to be a lot of baby stuff on here. I will try to keep it more clothing/fashion though but I am not sure how "fashionable" I will be.


Kendra said...


alya said...

First: I used that EXACT picture of Pink to have my hair cut into a faux hawk last was such a fun style and I may do it again this summer since it was so easy for the hot months.

Second: Congratulations! I wish you and the baby all the best of luck and health. And I for one will not mind a bit hearing all about the pregnancy...bring it on.

cheeky curves said...

Congratulations hope the sickness does not last too long.
You looking great hair and all

Clare said...

Aw, congrats!! GREAT hair, too!

Taylor said...

CONGRATULATIONS! When are you due! I don't mind hearing about baby stuff, for sure. The haircut is very sassy, by the way!


adorable hair-chop, once i cut my own hair to the similar length.

Kyla said...

Congratulations again! That's so exciting! And your hair looks soooooooo AMAZING!!!!

Kayla said...


I have a new fashion blog!! Please follow me over there too!