Sunday, May 16, 2010

What to do with the stress in your life... window shop!

I am totally in baby mode lately. Partially because I am constantly looking for items to add to my wardrobe. I am just getting round to me but I think the public thinks I am getting pudgy. Totally fine with me. I am not ready to be over encumbered by a bump. It will be here soon enough and take a while to go away. (I don't mean that harsh. I am SUPER excited but I am not good at sharing my body.)

So yesterday, I went into Hot Mama. A great store if you have the money. But it can still be hard to justify on maternity clothes. I mean I totally want the Serfontaine Jeans Suprima Atomic in Atomic coloring. I tried them on and they were AWESOME! Problem was that they were a) $198 (OUCH!) That's more than I have paid on my DAILY wear jeans... although not by much. b) a plus and a minus, they didn't have my size. I would have needed a 31. A plus because I didn't buy them. A minus because I WOULD HAVE. (OOOPS!!!) I found these since shopping online (Belly Dance Maternity)... they are on sale for $50. I SOOOOO want to buy them... ALAS husband won't let me. I mean come on... that isn't much more than a jean from TARGET! (Which I don't love!)

Other things on my wishlist for today? A damn bra! I have been wearing the same one for a couple weeks. It is the ONLY one that is comfortable. Bad!!!!  I would love to try these on but of course, the options seem to be limited when your pre pregnancy bra size is a 36 or 38DD.  So someone please send me this ( Bravado Supreme Maternity & Nursing Bra ) and this (Anita 5068 Underwire Nursing Bra) in a 36/38F? Anyone have any suggestions to try? I am getting desperate. Has anyone ever ordered from

For something that doesn't HAVE to be pregnancy related... how great is this bag? (GAP Slouchy Washed Hobo)  


That would rock as a diaper bag or as a summer bag. Put that on my wishlist.

My major purchase for the day yesterday... was a diaper bag... I am sorry, I know people buy you things but I LOVE bags and I have been chomping at the bit to buy baby things!!! I will completely and totally blame my husband as he pointed it out and said he liked it. Now he claims that was not the case. Yeah right!

Here it is! via 
 It is a BABYMEL Tool. 

Now I need to shop!


Jesa said...

I love Gap!
And I agree this would be a great diaper bag!

lovely blog!
Cheers, Jesa

Megan said...

If you haven't already check out for bras. They have a pretty good return policy. Various prices, styles and a huge variety on sizing.

The bag from the gap is really cute and summery... but the camo diaper bag is awesome!