Sunday, May 16, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Remixing some black, white, and cream

I have been struggling a lot with my style lately. I LOVE thrifting and getting all the fun items and making them work in my waredrobe but at the same time, a part of me wishes that I had less clothing that was more streamlined and more my style. If I like to wear black dress pants with a nice shirt combo (would rather wear jeans but that isn't my choice) does that make my "style" boring to other fashion people? A big part of me wants to try all the fun skirts and dresses and all the other fun items, but a large part of me just wants nice basics and a few items with pizzazz to top them. 

How do you feel about your overflowing... or not closets? Do you have the same love hate relationship?

How would you describe my style? Let me know!

I guess now is not the time to make huge changes to my everyday waredrobe as I am not wearing most of it, but at the same time being pregnant is like building a capsule wardrobe. 
On a pregnancy note, one of my trouble areas has ALWAYS been my stomach. This is making finding shirts a little bit easier in my current waredrobe. Crazy how that is working for me. 

Things I need to find:
Jeans (Jeans are my comfort blanket. A GREAT pair of jeans is a necessity for me!)
Tank Tops - Target has a great style of tank tops that works slick for me. They just don't have a ton of color options. I will be picking up more of those though.
Honestly, other than that, I have what I need for now. I just enjoy mixing in new items. 
I am scared by some of the items that people have shared with me. They are so not MY style and when I put them on, I feel sick... (same thing I always do when I get uncomfortable)

P.S. A lady at work asked me to stop so she could "see what was going on with my pants". (Basic black pants seen above.) The only thing going on with them was that I had them rolled over at the top to accomodate said belly. It wasn't like she could see that under my SHIRTS plural. WHY??? Why be mean to the pregnant chick?

Tank- Old Navy
Shoes- Aerosole A2
Pants - Maurices
Cardigan - Thrifted
White Tee- Target
Earrings - Thrifted


Taylor said...

Well, if you're boring then I am also boring because you've seen my self-proclaimed "uniform" of cardi/pants and or pencil skirt. I think if a button-down and pants is what you LOVE and what you feel works best for you, then you shouldn't be like, apologetic about not wanting to try crazy things.

Do you guys have a Once Upon A Child out where you are? We have two here and they sell maternity clothes as well as baby/children's clothes. I bought most of my stuff from Once Upon A Child, Target, Old Navy, and Motherhood. I also bought a lot of cheapie empire-waisted trendy tops from Charlotte Russe which would accommodate my belly.

alya said...

I do feel like my closet overflows with things not necessarily "me" or my style. But despite that I can't really define my style. I feel best when everything is pared down, colors are neutral and hemlines are high. Yet I have a lot of patterned/colored things that I do find attractive in theory but struggle to incorporate into every day life. Streamlining is hard, girl...

cheeky curves said...

Some people just can’t help themselves, as long as you are happy and you look good to hell with everyone one

Kyla said...

I don't think that a pared down wardrobe is boring at all. I love love a really streamline, minimalist style. I often get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my closet, and it's not even that much. I'm constantly getting rid of things!

And that crazy lady from your work? Who does that? Don't let her get to you - sounds like she has the issues, not you!